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Suffering from back pain? Simply place the wheel in the middle of your back and roll away your pain. Feel better do more. Say goodbye to back pain with THE MOST COMFORTABLE BACK WHEEL.


Three different sized wheels for optimal back and neck pain relief and muscle recovery.
• 12" back wheel, soft and hard massage zones in one wheel for muscle recovery, pain relief, and knot kneading relief.
• 9" back wheel digs in deep for your toughest knots, muscle recovery, and pain relief.
• 6” back wheel is designed to help reduce tension headaches, target key pressure points in your neck and shoulders.


• Reduces back pain
• Improves flexibility
• Corrects posture
• Thick cushioning for comfort
• Protects the spine from pressure


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How It Works?

The FitBeast back wheel is designed to target the muscles surrounding the spine, providing pressure and tension that helps to stretch and strengthen these muscles and joints. By rolling the wheel along the spine, users can apply pressure to different areas of the back and shoulders, working out knots and relieving tension in the muscles.

Regular use of the FitBeast back wheel can help to improve flexibility and mobility in the spine, while also strengthening core muscles and reducing pain and discomfort in the back and shoulders. This makes it an effective tool for individuals dealing with back pain, stiffness, or discomfort, as well as for those who want to improve their overall physical fitness and wellness.

With its unique design and durable construction, the FitBeast back wheel is a versatile and effective tool that can be used by anyone looking to unlock their true potential and achieve greater levels of health and wellness.


Protect Your Spine

The back wheel features a special spine groove design that is specifically designed to protect your spine from unnecessary pressure and injury. This unique feature allows users to dig deep into sore muscles without putting excessive pressure on the spine, making it a great option for individuals who want to improve their spinal health while also enjoying the benefits of deep tissue massage.

In addition to its spine groove design, the Fitbeast back wheel can be used to target a variety of different areas of the body, including the shoulders, upper back, middle back, and low back. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used to address a wide range of different issues and help users achieve their fitness goals.


Mobility And Core Strength

Regular use of the Fitbeast back wheel can help to improve both mobility and core strength, making it a valuable tool for individuals looking to enhance their physical performance and reduce back pain. The wheel's targeted pressure on the muscles surrounding the spine helps to stretch and strengthen these muscles, while also improving overall spinal health and flexibility.

In addition to its impact on spinal health, the Fitbeast back wheel can also be used to target core muscles and improve overall core strength. By providing resistance and engaging key muscle groups, regular use of the wheel can help to tone and strengthen the core, leading to improved posture, balance, and overall physical performance.


Multi-purpose Tool for Your Health

The Fitbeast back wheel is a versatile and multi-purpose tool that can be used to support a wide range of different health and wellness goals. Whether you're looking to improve your mobility and flexibility, strengthen your core muscles, or simply alleviate pain and discomfort in the back and shoulders, the back wheel can help.

Regular use of the back wheel can lead to improved spinal health and flexibility, making it a great option for individuals dealing with chronic back pain or mobility issues. Additionally, the wheel can be used to support proper posture, aid with various yoga poses, and even improve sleep quality.


Physical Therapist Recommend

It is a product that has been developed with the input and guidance of physical therapists and massage therapists. During the development process, these healthcare professionals provided valuable insights and advice that helped to shape the design and functionality of the product.

Their expertise and professional perspective helped to ensure that the FitBeast back wheel is safe, effective, and easy to use, with features that are specifically designed to target pain and discomfort in the back and shoulders.

As a result of this collaboration, the FitBeast back wheel has received positive feedback from many pain patients, as well as from over 500 physicians who have recommended the product to their patients. This endorsement from healthcare professionals is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of the FitBeast back wheel, and speaks to its ability to help individuals manage their pain and improve their overall health and wellness.


Customer reviews
Customer reviews
It been helping my back and neck release tight muscle I was able stretch feel awesome.
— Abrahamherna
Customer reviews
This has been such a great tool for back pain! I use this now every day.
— Bethany Kay
Customer reviews
I got this for some back soreness that I’ve been having and it works amazing. Simple to use and very sturdy. 10/10 would recommend to everyone to use!
— Mrjpleonardo
Customer reviews
This is a sturdy well made product. It has helped me stretch my lower back. Both the 'soft' and 'firm' side of the roller feel good. I mainly use the roller to massage my back after a hard workout.
— Barrookie

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How does the FitBeast back wheel work?

Put simply, the FitBeast back wheel puts pressure on the muscles surrounding the spine. In doing so, the muscles and joints are stretched and strengthened. The technical term for this is Myofascial Release. Myofascial is a fancy word for muscle, and release is referring to the tension within the muscle.

What's the difference between a Fitbeast back wheel and a foam roller?

There are two main differences -- width and pressure.

1. Fitbeast back wheel is 7" wide. This width is perfect for putting the pressure where it is needed along the spine and between the shoulder blades. A foam roller just steamrolls the whole area with no real focus.

2.Fitbeast back wheel comes with soft and hard massage zone, the area in contact with the muscles at any given point provides a different amount of pressure. Think wearing high heels in the snow vs. actual snowshoes.

What's the difference between a Fitbeast back wheel and a yoga wheel?

A Fitbeast back roller is an exercise tool used for rehabilitation. Its special soft and hard stretch feature, Groove design differentiates them from a standard yoga wheel. In fact, they are the better choice for treating injuries and chronic (long-term) back pain.

How to use the wheel?

Just sit down, place the wheel at the small of your back, and lean back for the best at-home massage you’ve ever had. We also provide expert tutorial videos to you as a gift, you can follow up esaily. No warry about the how-to-use.

100% happy back warranty

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