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• Soft touch, good elasticity, not easy to break, it can support 3-4 times stretching.
• The 1.8m resistance bands extension design can give you a full body exercise.
• Each resistance band is clearly marked with resistance level, you can choose different bands according to your needs.
• Compact and portable, easy to store, you can take it anywhere for exercise.
• Compared with latex products, our resistance band set is not easy to fade, and longer use time.

What's Included:
✔️1* Blue-25lbs (Heavy)
✔️1* Red-20lbs (Middle)
✔️1* Yellow-15lbs (Light)
✔️1* Portable Bag
✔️1* Door Anchor

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FitBeast resistance band is made of high quality TPE material, which can support 3-4 times stretching, and this pilates bands resistance is durable, not easy to break, more elastic, odorless, soft to the touch, and does not strangle your hands when you use it.


FitBeast pilates band set 1.8 m long, which can be a good exercise for your legs, hips, waist, arms and back. At the same time, the 1.8m long resistance bands represent different resistance levels: yellow-15lbs (Light), red-20lbs (Middle), blue-25lbs (Heavy). Each exercise band is marked with a poundage level, which can well meet your exercise needs and easy to use.


FitBeast Yoga stretching band comes with a portable bag and a door anchor. With the bag, you can exercise anywhere, anytime, even at home, in the office, at the gym and on the go. In addition, the door anchor can help you do more effective arm, shoulder, back and leg exercises.


FitBeast pilates resistance bands can effectively achieve full-body stretching, improve suppleness and core strength, and increase flexibility in the hips, legs, chest, back and arms, perfect for yoga, Pilates, stretching, weight loss, physical therapy and post-operative recovery.


FitBeast is committed to building a professional home fitness brand. Therefore, we will provide professional training videos for our products, so that you can get professional training guidance and achieve better exercise results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Reka Trenyik
Versatile and easy to use

I started to use it a couple of days ago. Mostly I used it for upper-body exercises and I really enjoyed it. I watched a youtube video, where trainer used dumbbells and I was able to copy all of the exercises and do it with these resistance bands. Yellow has enough resistance for shoulder exercises and the blue/red is perfect for back/chest exercises.
You can make a knot on it and use it as a loop.
When I opened the box is has a nice and surprisingly strong rose fragrance. I think its purpose was to hide the plastic smell. Before I used it I washed it with warm water because a white "dust" was on the resistance bands (I think it was there because it can keep the layers apart in the small box)

Luke Greenstreet
A Great Addition to your Home Workout

I love these resistance bands!! Bought as an addition to my ever growing arsenal of home gym gear.

Firstly for the price I was expecting the bag to be a bit flimsy, it's not solid and contained everything all the band's door jam and instructions. Has a useful hook and is great for keeping everything together.

I have used a lot of resistance bands and rubber based kit in the past, it feels weak or stinks. No problems with this kit, everything about it feels high quality and professional and for the price I am absolutely delighted! I would highly recommend and will certainly be buying more kit from FitBeast in the future


At times my shoulder is acting up and I need something lighter until I can get back to using the normal bands. Those bands do the job perfectly!
They arrived quick and are the usual FitBeast fantastic quality, can't beat them.
The bands are made from quality material and so far seem to retain the elasticity, the door piece is great too and the carry pouch is excellent.
Overall, pretty happy with the bands!
Highly recommended!

Adrian D.
You have to buy it and check it !!!

The product will meet the expectations of every person when it comes to the quality of workmanship.
I tried various ways to check it and I am very pleased because I did not even think it would be so durable and I could replace the gym for exercises at home.
I travel a lot through work and I needed equipment that I can take on the route and do training in hotel conditions, thanks to this equipment I can take it everywhere because the little one takes up space and fits into any suitcase.
I think that every person who travels a lot and trainings are something important for life and wants to do a daily workout should choose this equipment.
Thanks to its, you can do each exercise for each part of the body, just a little imagination and watch videos on youtube where there are explanations.
If we have more such companies that put so much emphasis on the quality of the product and providing assistance, we will be able to buy without checking the reviews knowing that the quality is first class.

Andrea H.
Great Yoga Bands

I have been a FitBeast products user from few months now and I couldn't be more happy. Their products are extremely convinient in the price/quality ratio and they are really strong and durable.
This bands in particular are perfect for your stretching and yoga routine and can help you with mobility workouts.
They comes with 3 different resistance and you can notice the difference between them and scale your exercise to fit your level. The material is pleasant, comfortable and easy to clean or sanitize.
They also comes with their own carry bag, like all of their products and you can easily store them without worrying to lose them.
Plus you have a lifetime warranty, this means that, doesn't matter when, if your product should not work the way you want anymore you can just send it back and they we'll replace them for you. This should make you think how much they trust their product.
End of the line I strongly recommend this product.


Does Fitbeast equipment come with any warranty?

Yes. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the product within 90 days, send it back. We also offer a No questions asked - 18 months warranty on all of our products.

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As soon as your order has been fulfilled, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email, you can use the tracking code to track your order.
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Do I need to pay extra tax?

No, tax is included for all products. Buy with confidence.

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