In the training equipment, the foam roller is one of the very good equipment, and the role and benefits of the foam roller is a lot, but the foam roller is also exquisite, but many people do not know what the foam roller is useful, of course, there are some people understand. So, what's the use of the foam roller? What's the benefit? 

8 benefits of foam rollers

1. Relax your muscles

Because of modern people's habits, it is often necessary to maintain a physical posture for a long time, which can lead to excessive muscle tension in our bodies. When muscles become tense, we give others a state of depression, and the foam axis can relax the tense muscles, restore the normal elasticity of the muscles, improve the overall temperament.

2. Improve your posture

Ninety-five percent of modern people have physical problems, most of them due to muscle weakness. At this point, we use the foam roller to relax the tense muscles and restore the body to normal.

3. Reduce joint pressure

Take, for example. When the front of our thighs is too tight, the knee joint is overstretched. It's okay to sit, and once we're standing, walking, or running, the pressure on our knees increases. If we relax our strained thighs, the pressure on the joints will naturally ease.

4.Core training

Because the foam roller is cylindrical, the body is in an unstable state when rubbing the foam roller, which can effectively practice to the core and help us reduce fat.

5. Activate the muscles

In training, we can't always find the strong sensation of the target muscle, which is probably due to muscle tension and weakness. Rubbing the target muscle with a foam roller before training can be a good way to activate the target muscle.

6. Increase metabolism

Every muscle in the body is a complex "organ" because it is made up of muscle fibers, connective tissue, blood vessels, lymphatics, and nerves. When we rub the foam roller, we not only relax the muscles, but also promote blood circulation, and lymphatic detox. 

7. Enhance the effectiveness of nerve muscles

Because there is a nervous system in the muscles, when the muscles are too tense, the transmission of signals from the nervous system slows down. Many people can't find muscle power in training, but it's actually caused by muscle tension. Relaxing with a foam roller before training can effectively improve the body's ability to control the muscles.

8. Improve flexibility

Anatomical friends know that the human body is divided into many fascia chains, such as the body's front chain, rear chain, side chain, and so on. When we relax apart with a foam roller, the entire fascia chain is relaxed, which improves both body flexibility and joint activity. When flexibility and joint activity increase, muscle function is better performed during training.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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