Generally speaking, the resistance band can practice chest muscles, can be exercised, the resistance band bypass back, hands hold the rope handle after doing chest-expanding action, can also be carried out chest push exercises, the main resistance band is fixed in the shoulder with the height of the position, waist belly tightening, upper body forward tilts, hands holding the rope handle after the parallel push and pull on it.

resistance band

The resistance band can exercise the pectoral muscles

The resistance band is a common fitness tool in the gym, generally, it can practice chest muscles, but pay attention to the standard of action, the main resistance band for chest expansion training, first the resistance band bypass back, hands hold the rope handle, and then with chest-expanding action, about 4 groups of exercises per day, each group of 10 to 15 or so.

Or carry out chest push exercises, mainly the resistance band and shoulder high position, feet straight standing, the waist and abdomen tightened, the upper body to maintain a slightly forward-leaning state after the chest, hands hold the rope handle to keep the elbow and shoulder at the same height, and then repeat the action, but do not lock the elbow, otherwise it will be easy to pull.

Can also use resistance band chest training, at this time the feet to maintain a standing posture, waist and abdomen tightened, slightly forward upper body, two hands holding the rope handle, let the palm stretch relative, exhalation and inhalation at the same time, hands to the chest arc close, to stimulate the production of chest muscles, the effect will be better over time.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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