During training, we will come into contact with many training tools. Among the training tools, some are very good, among which the resistance band is one, but the use of resistance band is also exquisite, but some people don't know what training methods women's resistance band has. So, what are the methods of women's resistance band training? Let's have a look.

women's resistance band

Resistance band kneeling rear kick

Support the body with both hands and knees, with both arms perpendicular to the thigh and the trunk, and press both ends of the resistance band with both hands; Bypass the resistance band around the sole of the left foot, keep the posture and kick the left leg quickly. While keeping the thigh and lower leg straight, raise it as much as possible, and make the sports leg close to the chest as much as possible when returning. Do it 15 times, then repeat with another leg, and do groups 3-4. The rest between groups shall not exceed 45 seconds.

Resistance band squat side leg lift

Open your legs the same width as your shoulders, bypass the resistance band around the soles of your feet, hold both ends with both hands after crossing, and bend your arms, which will make the resistance belt stronger and bend your legs by 90 °; Lift your left leg, raise your leg as high as you can, and return to an upright position. Alternate left and right legs for 15-20 times and do 4 groups.

Resistance band supine leg lift

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip width apart. Action process: bypass the resistance band around the bottom of your right foot, pull both ends of the resistance band with both hands, lift your sports legs as high as possible, closer to the ceiling, and then slowly lift your hips and keep them retracted for a few seconds. Do each leg 15 times and 4 groups.

Pull kick

Sit on the yoga mat and wrap the resistance band around your ankles evenly until its relaxed length just matches the length from your hands flat to your ankles. Then, like rowing, pull the belt back alternately. In the whole process, the abdomen and arms should exert their strength, and the hips and the other foot should be used as body support.

High leg lift

Cover the middle of your feet with a resistance band, pass through the arch, step on it, and then start high leg lifting. The knee should be raised flush with the navel, stay at the highest point for half a second, and then relax. Do each leg 10 times and then change sides. This is a group.

Run and jump

Put the resistance band over the ankle so as not to affect the activities of wearing shoes. Take off right above in a running position, stretch your feet back and forth, and stretch your upper body naturally, just as you are ready to jump over any obstacles in running. Keep your balance. Jump forward with the right foot and backward with the left foot for 5 times, and then jump forward with the left foot and backward with the right foot for 5 times.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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