Gym bag is a necessity for fitness lovers. During exercise, we will use gym bag to carry all kinds of fitness supplies. Over time, sweat and daily wear will make the gym bag dirty and smelly. Fortunately, most gym bags are relatively wear-resistant and easy to clean. Usually, you can put the gym bag into the washing machine for cleaning, and some gym bags need to be washed by hand because of their special materials. As long as you use mild detergent and some wiping and kneading steps, the gym bag can keep clean and even last longer.

Hand wash gym bag

1. Empty your gym bag. Take those things that can't see water out of the gym bag. Turn the gym bag inside and outside, and suck away the small dust and garbage hidden in the corner gap with a vacuum cleaner. After cleaning, keep the zipper open.

Put everything in the bag into a plastic bag and put it back after the bag is washed. This can avoid losing important things.

If any personal belongings are dirty, they can also be cleaned together when cleaning the gym bag. Don't put dirty things back in your gym bag.

2. Preparation before cleaning. First wipe off the dust and garbage on the surface of the gym bag by hand, and then gently wipe the surface of the gym bag with a wet cloth. This step can remove those large pieces of dirt, and then when cleaning the gym bag, the water will not be so dirty.

Remove the frame of the gym bag before cleaning.

Remove the detachable pockets and belts from the main body of the gym bag and wash them separately to ensure that each part of the gym bag is thoroughly cleaned.

Cut loose threads or any fabric fibers around the zipper. This step can ensure that the zipper is smooth after the gym bag is cleaned.

3. Check the washing label in the gym bag. In order not to damage the gym bag, be sure to follow the instructions on the washing label (if any). The washing label is usually sewn on the side seam of the gym bag, most likely on the layer of the main zipper. Refer to the suggestions on the label to clean and dry the gym bag, so as to ensure the durability of the gym bag.

Some chemical cleaners and cleaning methods will damage the gym bag, such as reducing the waterproof of the gym bag, so it is best to follow the instructions on the washing label when cleaning.

If there is no washing label on the gym bag, you can first clean a small area with detergent to see if there are any adverse reactions.

4. Pre treat stains. Before formal cleaning, treat the stains with the pretreatment agent you choose, and do not use bleach. Use a soft brush (such as an old toothbrush) to remove residual stains, and then leave the detergent on the gym bag for 30 minutes. Most stains can be removed during formal cleaning.

If there is no pretreatment agent, it can be prepared with the same amount of washing solution and water, and then use a brush to dip the solution to remove the stains.

5. Fill a large sink or bathtub with warm water. You can also wash your gym bag in a large washing basin or sink. Because all pockets and compartments need to be unfolded for cleaning, the cleaning site must be large enough.

The water should not be too hot, otherwise the gym bag may fade.

If the washing label indicates that the gym bag cannot be completely immersed in water, wet the part of the gym bag with a wet cloth and scrub it.

6. Add mild neutral detergent to the water. The detergent selected must be mild and free of dyes, fragrances and irritating chemicals. Strong detergents will destroy the gym bag fabric (weaken the waterproof layer of the gym bag fabric), while aromatics and dyes will stimulate the skin.

7. Clean the gym bag with a soft brush or rag. You can either immerse your gym bag in water or wet your brush or rag with water. The brush can clean those particularly obvious stains, and the rag is more suitable for overall scrubbing of the gym bag.

The toothbrush can deal with stubborn stains and is very effective in cleaning the hard to reach corners inside the gym bag.

If the gym bag is made of easily damaged materials, such as mesh cloth, you'd better use sponge instead of brush to avoid damaging the gym bag.

8. Rinse the gym bag thoroughly. Rinse the gym bag with warm water. Do not leave any detergent residue in the gym bag cloth.

Wring the gym bag as dry as possible. Lay a large bath towel under the gym bag, and then wrap the bath towel together with the gym bag into a tube. In this way, most of the water in the gym bag can be absorbed by the towel.

Be careful when wrapping, do not break the zipper, braces and foam parts.

9. Dry the gym bag. Avoid using a dryer and let the gym bag dry naturally. If possible, open all zippers and hang upside down to dry.

You can also hang your gym bag outside to dry. Sunlight has deodorizing effect.

Be sure to wait for the gym bag to dry completely before using or putting it away, otherwise the gym bag may be moldy.


The gym bag may fade, so don't mix the gym bag with other items when cleaning for the first time.

If the gym bag is particularly exquisite and valuable, or has a special meaning, it is recommended to send the bag to the dry cleaner for cleaning.

If the gym bag is bright in color, do not dry it directly in the sun. Exposure will fade the bag.

Try hair gel to remove ink marks from your gym bag.

The gym bag should have become loose after washing. Don't wash the gym bag with a drum dryer in order to save time, which will shrink the gym bag.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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