FitBeast Adjustable Aluminum Grip Strengthener (120-180LBS)


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Purchase one Fitbeast hand gripper and start your grip training towards stronger hands, wrists and fingers. FitBeast gripper can be used in any setting, including homes and offices, to strengthen your wrists, forearms, and grip.


• Fit for people from all kinds of age and life such as men and women, athletes, rehabilitation and so on.
• Resistance levels: It can be adjusted easily to improve strength gradually.
• Growing Forearms, Wrists & Enhances Dexterity.
• Stress-Relieve: You'll feel calm after using it for a while.
• Free tutorial video included

What's Included:
✔️1* Adjustable rippers
✔️4 adjustable resistance levels ( 120-140-160-180lbs )
✔️NBR protective gloves
✔️1* User's Manual

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Ideal for Everyone

Fit for small and large hands, seniors and teens.Best option for Rock Climbers, Tennis Players, Athlete and Musicians to improve the flexibility of fingers and wrists.

Resistance Levels

The resistance of hand grip exerciser can be easily adjusted from 120lbs to 180lbs, perfect for men and women with different strength.

Enhances Dexterity

This gripper has a track record of improving dexterity, so if you're eager to improve the dexterity of your limbs, you better have it. Anyone.

Enhances Dexterity

This gripper has a track record of improving dexterity, so if you're eager to improve the dexterity of your limbs, you better have it. Anyone.

Customers Love Hand Grippers

We think you'll love grip strengthener, but don't just take our word for it. Hear why these happy customers love their grip strengthener.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
helen C.
Great Trainer for Increasing Grip and Overall Hand Strength

It has multiple settings from 120-180 pounds making it very challenging to use, which is ideal if your goal is to gradually increase your overall grip and hand strength. It is very well made and resonates with quality.It's very easy to adjust the settings simply by separating each handle with a tug, selecting the desired strength setting by sliding the handles either up or down until you hear a "click" and then pushing each handle back together. Definitely a great grab.

Greg W
The New Standard In Adjustable Hand Grip Strengtheners

This FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener with adjustable resistance of 40-100 pounds is a very high quality and well made product. The rubber foam type grips are so comfortable. I am attempting to gain as much of my right hand grip strength back as possible following a cervical fusion some months ago. So during repeated repetitions it was no longer necessary to constantly reposition my hand for comfort like with some molded resin handle models. Also, the spring action is very smooth in all the different resistance settings. I highly recommend this FitBeast hand grip strengthener for anyone having the desire to improve their overall hand grip strength.

jennifer yamasaki
It works. Good design.

It hasn’t Borken like the other grip design I bought did.

Alec Chappell
Great new design, high quanlity.

This hand grip strength trainer is designed well, compared to other trainers. This this is made out of real good metal, it extends well and it is adjustable completely.

Amazing quality and easy to use

I’ve had this for a couple weeks so, these are first impressions. Seems to be made of a heavy duty material so it’s really durable and it’s has a foam grip so it doesn’t hurt your hands to use. Despite being made from a really durable material it also is quite light weight so you can carry it around anywhere . Not difficult at all.Definitely a great grab 😉


Who should use hand grippers?

Hand-grippers are a very effective training tool for any consumer or athlete, men or women, who would like to substantially increase the strength of their wrists, fingers and hands.

Who should NOT use hand grippers?

Whiners, slackers or anyone that is likely to complain that their hands "are sore" after using our product for low-rep strength training. Just like any other type of strength-training workouts, your hands will most likely get sore as you get used to training with the grippers. If you're worried about getting sore hands, don't buy our grippers!

How often should I train with my FitBeast hand gripper?

Using hand grippers everyday will certainly be a physical challenge. The plan you should set out starts off relatively easy then after day 10 it will start ramping up. One important thing to take note of is, you should always properly warm up before training.

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