FitBeast Pull Up Bands Set with Door Anchor for Exercise


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• High-quality natural latex, environmental protection, durability, high elasticity
• After 30,000 tensile tests, no deformation or broken
• Thickened fitness grip pad to protect your hands and avoid strangulation Integrated Door Anchor (For any door anchoring)
• Portable carry bag (easy to take anywhere)
• 12 weeks of professional tutorial videos, tailored to your workout plan

What's Included:
✔️1* Yellow Resistance Band (5-15 lbs)
✔️1* Red Resistance Band (15-35 lbs)
✔️1* Black Resistance Band (30-60 lbs)
✔️1* Purple Resistance Band (40-80 lbs)
✔️1* Green Resistance Band (50-125 lbs)
✔️2* Grip pads✔️1* Door hook
✔️1* Storage bag✔️1* User Manual

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The pull up bands come with 5 different color straps and levels. Each loop is 208 cm. Marked 5-15LB, 15-35LB, 30-60LB, 40-80LB, and 50-125LB. Combined with the door buckle, whether you choose single or combined exercise, it can meet your various training needs. We designed the hand grip pad to effectively prevent the pain of the hands during training, which makes you feel more comfortable.


The pull up assistance is made of natural latex, strong and durable. After the fatigue resistance test in the laboratory, it is durable and not easy to deform. It can support 3-4 times of stretching and is not easy to break. Natural latex is harmless to the skin, allowing you to get healthy without harming your body.


Training band helps you stretch and train your whole body muscle groups: chest, waist, back, limbs, etc. It can help stretch your body before and after exercise and physical strength recovery. Whether you are a Fitness enthusiast, Athlete, Yoga, Pilates enthusiast, etc. It helps you improve your body's muscle groups and your body’s flexibility, enhance your core strength, and increase your body's vitality.


The portable bag is easy to store the exercise bands, which allows you to enjoy fitness at home, outdoor, gym, yoga room, on the sports fields, and in other places. Help you enjoy physical relaxation and mental pleasure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Outstanding customer service

I've had a pack of resistance bands for a while now and have no complains about the quality at all (on the contrary they are really good). But one of them split the other day why using it. As it comes with a lifetime warranty, I contacted customer support. It was outstanding how helpful and quick to respond they were. It took no more than 24 hs to have a replacement delivered to my door. The process was seamless too, just needed to provide the kind of information you'd expect for a situation like this (purchase ID and a picture of the problem). The team was very responsive and had everything sorted straightaway.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had in my life!

Dorothy Tinsley
Does the job!

Good price. Comes in handy bag and I like the wraps for the bands which add comfort

Ren A.
Good set of bands for home workouts and also while on travel

I would highly recommend these resistance bands. I did not find anything bad on this product at this time after using them for a week. Right now, the value for money is great with this set.

Phil Darby
These were a really nice surprise. Highly recommended.

When you buy them you become part of a great on-line community with loads of great videos demonstrating all kinds of routines you can use with these bands to exercise safely.
The bands themselves seem to be really good quality and the bigger ones offer considerable resistance. The thinner ones ensure you can start at a very basic level.
Time will tell whether they last, but as long as you are sensible with them and don't tie them around sharp loops or handles or stand on them where there is concrete I can't see that they will fail.

Who needs dumbells anymore!

I do have a set of dumbells but they're not very versatile especially as I don't have a lot of weights to play around with. These bands are a game changer. I was sceptical of the quality of these but can agree with other reviews that these are superior quality bands. Very well made and look and feel really durable. The accessories provided give you everything you need to make you target every muscle group and you can use them for HIIT training to isolation exercises. Definitely worth having the hand supports for certain exercises and resistances. Very versatile bands and you don't have to worry about changing weights after each set. Just pick up another band or increase the resistance using the same band by simply moving where you position your hands or feet.


Does Fitbeast equipment come with any warranty?

Yes. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the product within 90 days, send it back. We also offer a No questions asked - 18 months warranty on all of our products.

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As soon as your order has been fulfilled, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email, you can use the tracking code to track your order.
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Do I need to pay extra tax?

No, tax is included for all products. Buy with confidence.

How to use?

Not sure how to use the product? We provide free professional tutorial videos for all products. No need to worry.
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