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• Includes 1 agility ladder, 4 adjustable hurdles, 20 disc cones, 1 resistance training rope, 1 jump rope, 5 loop resistance bands, and 1 zipper handbag.
• Suitable for all varieties of sports training: running training, football drills training, agility training, obstacle training, jumping agility training, step and speed training.
• Suitable for a variety of sports, to improve sports performance. It's perfect for warm-ups, football, basketball, rugby, baseball, badminton, tennis, and more.

What's Included:
✔️1* Agility Ladder
✔️4* Adjustable Hurdles
✔️20* Disc Cones
✔️1* Resistance Training rope
✔️1* Jump Rope
✔️5* Loop Resistance bands
✔️1* Zipper Handbag

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Fully Agility Training Equipment

FitBeast speed training equipment comes with 1 speed ladder, 4 adjustable railings, 20 cones, 1 resistance training rope, 1 jump rope, 5 loop resistance bands, and 1 zipper handbag. All of these offer a professional training experience and give you more choices. You can design a variety of footwork training and agility exercise. Improve your speed, agility, and explosiveness, to become a better athlete!

Improve Your Speed And Explosiveness

Using this agility ladder speed training equipment to train, you can improve your speed, agility, explosiveness, coordination, footwork, and balance ability. It is suitable for coaches, football enthusiasts, various sports trainers, as well as adults and children for obstacle training.

2.5m High Elastic Resistance Training Rope

Unlock more exercise possibilities for yourself. The rope is equipped with a belt and door anchor, you can use it in cooperation with your partners, or you can train alone. The resistance strength of up to 60 pounds is very helpful for improving jumping, speed, and strength. The resistance rope's function is similar to a resistance parachute, but the resistance rope is more durable and effective than the resistance parachute to suit more sports.

Convenient To Adjust, Saving Time

Everything in this agility training equipment can be fast set up to save your time and adapt to your exercise requirement. The 4 pcs adjustable hurdles are easy to adjust. To suit your different exercise needs, you can choose a height of 8.3 inches or 11.6 inches by rotating the hurdle leg. And other accessories are also easy to use, just a simple fiddling. Spend less time setting up and more time on the sport.

Customer Reviews

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Everything You Need, Impressive Quality

This is the perfect set for speed and agility training. Quality is on point, has a carrying bag to make it easy to travel with.

My favorite item is the hurdles and how they are able to easily adjust to higher or lower heights just by twisting the legs. The training rope is fantastic, the elastic bands and jump rope are just bonuses. The value is really in the other items.

Absolutely, love this set, great quality and has everything you need to get started.

Brenda Ona

Came with everything I need for agility training. The ladder is very long and comes with a number of cones and stretching bands. Everything seems durable for a home gym.

Sturdy and well made

I have been using Fitbeast bodyweight products for years. It gets cold where I live and I wanted something to keep my toddler active in the winter and we all could use in the summer. Everything seems sturdy and well built. The cones have survived my toddler son so far and that is rather rare.

Christopher Tichenor
Great for plyometric training!!!

I purchased the set to help with my plyometric workouts on my local high school's football field and track. This set is high quality and will take abuse from the high impact of your workouts. I love using the cones, adjustable hurdles, and the ladder on the turf for agility drills. The jump rope is solid for warm ups and the 5 different strength resistance bands are great for conditioning muscles in your legs. If you're working out with someone else, the resistance rope is comfortable for some fun hard drills.

everything you need for agility

This includes just about everything I wanted for my agility sessions. The quality is mixed however. The ladder, bars, cones and the resistance tube are the high quality I'm used to receiving from Fitbeast. However, the jump rope broke the first time I used it, the handle cracked after it hit the ground and it came apart from the rope. The resistance bands feel flimsy. Other than that this is a good set. Update: great customer service. The company sent a new kit and the new jump rope is fine.


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