In general, the resistance band can be practised muscles, it is best to practice for a long time, so that the effect will be more obvious, the resistance band can be fixed in a position, using the upward pull-up action, the person is standing flat posture or the use of semi-crouch rowing-style action, the hands hold the resistance band after stretching down.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can build muscle

A resistance band is a piece of stretch-based fitness equipment, has a good fat reduction effect, generally speaking, a resistance band can exercise muscles, it is mainly on the shoulder, hips, legs of the muscle group has a good exercise effect, it is best to long-term practice, practice about 3 to 4 groups per day, each group of about 10 so that the effect of muscle gain will be more obvious.

Can be exercise, the resistance band fixed in a position, mainly using the action of pulling up, at this time people should be in a straight standing position, the arms close to the body, hands hold the resistance band, mainly with the strength of the arm will stretch, so that the triangular muscle, oblique muscle has a good exercise effect.

Can also use the tilt half-squat rowing-style action, the main resistance belt to a certain height of the position, the person is in a squat position, the upper body to maintain a straight, but also slightly forward, will hold the elastic rope after the downward stretch, legs open after fixing mainly, this is the main exercise of the oblique muscle, triceps-based.
August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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