Hyperice Introduces Hypersphere Mini Vibrating Massage Ball in Sleek Black Edition

Hyperice, a leading innovator in recovery and movement optimization technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Hypersphere Mini Vibrating Massage Ball in an elegant black color variant. This cutting-edge device is the latest addition to Hyperice's highly acclaimed recovery product lineup, designed to provide instant relief and enhance overall athletic performance. The Hypersphere Mini in black is available for purchase starting today on the Hyperice website and authorized retailers worldwide.
Hyperice Introduces Hypersphere Mini Vibrating Massage Ball in Sleek Black Edition
With the increasing demand for portable recovery devices, Hyperice continues to push the boundaries of innovative technology with products that address the needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking overall muscle recovery. The Hypersphere Mini offers a completely new take on vibration therapy, focusing on the small and hard to reach muscle groups for deep tissue massage, improving circulation, and reducing muscle soreness.

Measuring just under 3 inches in diameter and weighing a mere 0.45 pounds, the Hypersphere Mini is travel-friendly, allowing athletes to experience rejuvenation anywhere, from the comfort of their home to the end of a marathon. Its compact size ensures that users can target specific areas like the plantar fascia, hip flexors, and shoulders with precision. Athletes can now enjoy the benefits of vibrant muscle release therapy wherever they go, making it an essential tool for professionals and amateurs alike.

"We are thrilled to introduce the Hypersphere Mini in black, as it combines the power of Hyperice percussion technology with effortless portability," said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. "It offers targeted vibrational therapy to unlock muscles, mitigate pain, and improve overall performance conveniently. This innovative device showcases our commitment to providing cutting-edge recovery solutions that enhance the well-being and performance of athletes across the globe."

The Hypersphere Mini boasts a range of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of athletes. Its powerful high-intensity vibrating core instantly revives muscles, stimulating blood flow and improving flexibility. This vibrating technology, developed using Hyperice's industry-leading engineering, can be adjusted to three variable speeds – low, medium, and high – ensuring a personalized recovery experience based on individual preferences and recovery needs.

Designed to improve overall physical performance and tackle soreness, the Hypersphere Mini is constructed using a durable yet lightweight rubber material, ensuring long-lasting use. Its ergonomic design incorporates textured surfaces that aid in maintaining an optimal grip during use while preventing slippage. Moreover, the non-marking rubber is both easy to clean and resistant to wear, making it suitable for any environment.

The Hypersphere Mini offers a flexible rechargeable battery that delivers up to two hours of continuous use on a single charge. The device features a discreet LED indicator, providing battery life updates for seamless usability. Its compact and sleek charging case, included with the product, ensures convenient storage and transport while protecting the Hypersphere Mini when not in use.

Hyperice understands the importance of versatility and user convenience. With this in mind, the Hypersphere Mini can be paired with the Hyperice App, allowing users to access personalized recovery programs, techniques, and wellness routines. The app offers a comprehensive library of resources designed by world-class trainers and Hyperice experts, enabling users to create customized recovery plans tailored to their unique needs.

About Hyperice:
Hyperice is a global wellness technology company providing innovative recovery tools to professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to optimize their day-to-day movement and mobility. Hyperice's recovery technology is trusted by the world's most elite athletes in sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and golf. Their products include percussion massage devices, vibration therapy devices, dynamic air compression systems, heat therapy devices, and more.
August 13, 2023

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