Vivitar Announces Recall of Massage Balls Due to Potential Safety Concerns

Vivitar, a leading provider of high-quality consumer electronics, announces a voluntary recall of its massage balls, in coordination with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This recall has been initiated due to potential safety concerns identified during routine quality control checks. The recall aims to protect consumer safety and prevent any potential risk associated with the use of these products.

Vivitar is committed to delivering safe and reliable products to its customers. As part of its dedication to quality, the company has identified a potential issue with its massage balls that have been sold between [Start Date] and [End Date]. The recall action has been taken to address this issue promptly and ensure customer satisfaction.
Vivitar Massage Ball Recall
The potential safety concern revolves around the risk of detachment of the massage balls' outer shell, posing a choking hazard to users. Vivitar has received several consumer complaints regarding the shells becoming loose or detaching during use, which led to this voluntary recall. Although there have been no reported injuries thus far, Vivitar takes these safety concerns seriously and prioritizes proactive measures to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

Customers who have purchased Vivitar massage balls within the specified recall period are advised to stop using them immediately and contact Vivitar's customer service for further assistance. Vivitar will be providing a full refund or a replacement product of equal value to affected customers.

To ensure prompt resolution, customers are requested to provide the following information when contacting Vivitar's customer service:

1. Proof of purchase: Receipt, order confirmation, or any other documentation indicating the purchase of the massage ball.
2. Serial number: Located on the product packaging or on the massage ball itself. This information will help in identifying the affected units.

Vivitar deeply regrets any inconvenience caused by this recall and remains fully committed to maintaining its high standards of product quality and safety. The company encourages all customers to cooperate fully in the recall process to minimize any potential risk to individuals.

Vivitar demonstrates its commitment to safety by conducting rigorous quality control tests on its products. In light of the recent incidents reported, the company has taken several corrective measures to ensure the safety and satisfaction of its customers. Vivitar is working closely with the CPSC to investigate the root cause and prevent any future occurrences.

For additional information or questions regarding the recall, customers can visit the Vivitar website at or contact Vivitar's customer service at [Customer Service Helpline] between [Working Hours]. Vivitar offers its sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused and appreciates its customers' understanding and cooperation during this recall.

About Vivitar:

Vivitar is a leading brand that specializes in developing innovative and high-quality consumer electronics. With a commitment to providing cutting-edge products at affordable prices, Vivitar offers a wide range of photography, audio, and accessory solutions to meet the dynamic needs of its customers. Founded in [Year], Vivitar has become a trusted brand globally, representing innovation, quality, and reliability. For more information, please visit
September 30, 2023

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