Good tennis players run all over the court and fight back and forth against the small green ball. The speed change and hitting rhythm have to be judged at the moment. Professional football players have team tacit understanding and individual excellent ability to break through many defensive barriers in order to win the championship trophy of a glorious country.

agility ladder training

Whether it's the Wimbledon tennis open or the European Cup that drives the whole of Europe crazy, whenever you watch a world-class event, you will be deeply moved by the physical quality and competition technology shown by the professional athletes in front of the TV.

Especially "Agility", which quickly dodges the interceptor and catches up with the small ball in front of the net, and quickly changes the direction, which makes the opponent unprepared because of a few seconds... It is usually the most exciting and impressive part of the game, and it is often the key to victory or defeat.

The word agility is often used in athletes and is needed in almost all competitive sports. Agility usually emphasizes "deceleration" and subsequent "re acceleration" more than straight-line sprint, and includes the ability to "change direction and action". It is a special technology.

If we want to strengthen this special project, in addition to practicing more relevant movements, it is imperative to improve muscle strength, explosive power and coordination. Here are some training methods for you. The tools are very simple. Even ordinary people can practice in the gym.

1. Lateral reinforcement training

The ability to move horizontally is very important for athletes. It is very useful when changing the direction of dribbling on the basketball court, observing the movement of the opposite hand on the boxing field, or observing the position of teammates in the American football running array, accelerating and changing the direction of sprint.
Of course, lateral movement is not enough. How to change the direction of movement in a short time is the key at this time. Therefore, training agility is often ranked with enhanced training.

Note: box jumping and hurdle can be practiced. Considering the proficiency and height, you can start with the step pedal.

2. Agility ladder agility training

The agility ladder is very practical and is also the basic equipment for agile training. If you want to do a good job in agility ladder training, it is basic to practice frequently, and the focus of visual attention is also the key, which means that it is best to fix your eyes on the same point, which can help you reduce unnecessary moving paths when changing directions.

3. Punctate movement

Enhance the strength and flexibility of ankle and knee joints through rapid movement. The training of point movement is not difficult. You can draw 5 circles on the floor and do the training of opening and closing, continuous jumping with one foot, forward and backward, which can also increase the body movement speed and improve agility.

4. Jump box

Representative of rapid telescopic compound training: box jumping, not only from bottom to top, continuous jumping, side jumping, landing first and then jumping, many changes.

5. Fence frame

Hurdles are often seen in football players' training. They are similar to rope ladders and jumping boxes. Some people will also use small pyramids to replace them, use continuous jumps and different steps to cross obstacles, and finally carry out short-distance sprint to improve the sports ability of "re acceleration".

6. Stair run

If the above equipment is still difficult to find, there must be no problem with the ready-made stairs! Although running stairs has no direct impact on agility training, it can train the explosive power of lower limbs and apply it to acceleration skills.
Now you probably know how to improve agility! But don't ignore a key point that must be strengthened: muscle strength. All the agility training you see can't support the energy generated by explosive power without muscle strength foundation.
In other words, without muscle quality, you can't have good explosive performance; In addition, if the strength of joints, ligaments and muscles is insufficient, they can not meet the needs of agility to change direction and accelerate. Therefore, perfect muscle strength training is fundamental. As for some people, do ordinary people need agility? I think it's suitable to use the bus in front of me.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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