What is agility ladder training?

In the training of basketball, football, boxing and football players, we often see them carry out a kind of training - agility ladder training

Agility ladder training is a training method that uses trapezoidal rope to train athletes' footsteps, flexibility and agility!

agility ladder training

The role of agility ladder training!

agility ladder is the main tool for foot practice. It is very helpful for many sports that need to move quickly, such as basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and so on.

1. agility ladder can improve the ability of fast footstep movement; It can improve the flexibility, balance and coordination of the body.

2. The exercise of agility ladder can enhance the function of small muscle groups of plantar muscles, ankle and knee, and reduce the probability of lower limb injury. It can improve the rhythm of body movement.

3. Ladder is the most common training tool. It can also help you improve your multi-directional speed and acceleration. Practicing the ladder over and over again will increase the memory of speed in the nervous system and make you move quickly in all directions when necessary.

Advantages and characteristics of agility ladder: it can freely combine patterns, has a variety of training methods, is convenient and practical, and is suitable for folding, moving and carrying at any time. It is suitable for sites with different indoor and outdoor conditions.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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