When we exercise, we should not only use exercise movements but also use exercise equipment, such as an abdominal roller. The ab roller is an exercise instrument for exercising muscles and joints. Of course, the belly rolling wheel has other advantages in addition to the above advantages. Can you reduce your stomach by using the belly rolling wheel? If you want to know, you can understand it together.

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Can the ab roller reduce the stomach?

Rolling belly wheel exercise can help reduce stomach.
In the process of using the ab roller, it can effectively exercise the muscles of the abdomen, waist, hips and other body parts, play a certain role in burning the fat on the stomach, tightening the abdominal muscles, and help reduce the small stomach at the same time.

Exercise method of rolling ab roller to reduce belly

There are many ways to use the ab roller, such as kneeling, standing, leg training, yoga, back, etc. you can practice it in turn. Standing and kneeling have a strong effect on reducing the weight on the stomach.
1. Stand on your feet and kneel on the ground. Hold the handle of the ab roller, in both hands, and push your feet hard to push your body slowly forward, pushing your knees to the limit, and try not to touch the ground as much as possible. The aim is to strengthen the strength of the arms, waist and abdomen, but also to stimulate abdominal muscles, play a fat-burning effect.
2. Kneel on both knees (yoga mats, blankets, etc.) and push forward with your hands clasped on a roll. When pushing to the limit, slowly pull back. This method is more suitable for people with small waists or female friends.

Can the ab roller be practised every day?

The ab roller is a magic weapon for abdominal exercise, useful for the carving of the abs, it is recommended to exercise every day is better:
1. Daily exercise constantly stimulates, more stimulates muscle production, a week rest 2 days interval is better!
2. If the abs want to look good, need to control body fat, body fat is too high to show abs at all.
3. The action can not be single, abs contain inner abs, outer abs, abs and other different muscles, need to be stimulated by different movements, it is recommended that 3 x 20 coils come back 2 sets of coils and 2 groups of Russian transvestites and 2 groups of lying on their legs.

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