TRX suspended boating is not only one of the options for back training, but also a great whole-body training action. Because this action can not only practice the back, but also exercise the core muscles, now this TRX training system is very popular with fitness lovers!

TRX training system

Exercise location: back muscles and anti flexion core strength.

1. During the movement, focus on the back muscles.

2. TRX is not fixed like the horizontal bar, so the rotator cuff must exert more force to maintain shoulder stability.

TRX rowing

Use TRX to do rowing training to bear your own weight, but it can reduce the burden on your lower back. Use more back scapula clips to help you feel the contraction of your back muscles.

Difficulty: from simple to difficult - standing → supine → supine cushion or one hand - weight bearing!

First, hang a sling with a handle on the horizontal bar, and the handle is about 1 meter from the ground. Keep your hands shoulder width apart and hold the sling with your forehand.

Body posture: with toes up and heels on the ground, tighten the abdomen and hips, and keep the shoulders, backs, hips and legs in a straight line as far as possible to keep the trunk stable.

When pulling up, move and fix the shoulder joint first, put the back away (shoulder blade clip), and then pull the hand (keep the elbow slightly clamped inside) to feel the contraction of the back muscles. After letting the chest close to the handle, use the back strength to control the lowering speed, and feel that the back muscles are stretched until the hands are straight.

Exercise times: 10-15 * 4 groups.

Back strength technique

In principle, two arms, shoulders and core stable forces will also be used for reverse rowing, and slight borrowing is normal. However, a small number of people may mistakenly put their consciousness on their shoulders, resulting in shrugging, trapezius or biceps soreness.

Improvement mode

According to the initial action, relax the shoulders and perform a two-stage action.

The first step is to do the preparatory action first, and then feel the contraction and clamping of the back first;

The second step is to follow with both hands. Simply put, it is to do the back contraction first, and then follow the steps of pulling with your hand. Using consciousness to control the speed will better feel the training effect!

If your core muscle group is weak, you can also start from the reverse rowing of knee bending, focus on the control of back muscle, wait until your ability reaches a certain level, and then change back to the original action.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast
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