In the outdoor, many fitness equipment are very common, among which the pull-up bar is one. Of course, the pull-up bar has many uses. At the same time, there are many actions in the pull-up bar. So, what are the benefits of girls doing pull ups? 

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What are the advantages of girls doing pull ups

1. Enhance strength

One of the biggest and most intuitive benefits of doing pull ups is, of course, to enhance strength. After all, even if a person is thin, he has more than a hundred pounds. Such a heavy weight depends on the strength of both arms and hangs on the pull-up bar, which can imagine the degree of stimulation to the arm muscles. It's not easy for normal women, especially working women, to hang themselves on the pull-up bar, so it's certainly a great boost to their strength to practice often.

2. Improve cardiopulmonary function

Another advantage of women doing pull ups is that they can improve cardiopulmonary function. Although for most men, doing pull up is mainly to increase muscle, for women, especially for female fitness lovers who have just started, pull up bar can effectively improve cardiopulmonary function. In fact, it can have the same effect as aerobic exercise. If you can do dozens of pull ups, breathing will certainly become very rapid. In the long run, cardiopulmonary function will certainly be improved to a considerable extent.

3. Improve flexibility

In fact, doing pull-up also has the advantage of improving spinal problems and improving the flexibility of the body. Many pull ups require high coordination and flexibility. But when it comes to this, many women feel that they can also do yoga. In fact, in addition to yoga, doing pull-up is also a good exercise. It can relax the joints of the whole body to the greatest extent, improve the fascia, stretch the ligaments, and make your body more beautiful and look more tall and straight.

Pull up technique

1. Go up the bar first, and then relax the waist and legs. At this time, you will feel that your waist is pulled down by the lower body, which is very comfortable. This action can ensure that your waist is relaxed, and then you can exert your waist strength with a breath.

2. Kick the lower leg forward slightly. At this time, the waist is still relaxed. Slowly swing the lower leg, and you will find that the body will only swing slightly. When swinging, when the legs are forward, the waist will be backward. When some people swing, the legs are forward, but the action is too large, but the waist will also be brought forward. This should be paid special attention to.

3. After getting familiar with this swing feeling, when "the waist is behind the pull-up bar", both hands and waist pull up the bar "quickly", and then relax both hands and return to the original position. In this swing, force is only exerted when pulling up. The movement of kicking the calf forward is very small and almost no force. It's completely different from that kind of large swing. Please pay special attention to this.

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