Yoga originated from Hinduism in ancient India. It is a dual practice of body and mind. Practicing yoga can bring us many benefits; A simple Yoga series can relax our body and mind in a few minutes. Let's learn yoga with beautiful music and video. In the first ten minutes, we will learn some basic yoga movements, and in the last few minutes, we will meditate in Sanskrit to relax our muscles. If your time is really limited, choose the same in yoga practice or meditation. Practicing yoga at least twice a week can keep us healthy and happy.

1. Lie down and relax.

Feel the breath of the earth, then breathe in and out. Try to relax your body, get rid of distractions, and empty your mind.

2. Straighten and lift the right leg and keep it still.

Then straighten and lift the left leg, also holding still.

3. Lift your legs and head.

Keep this movement as long as possible while breathing at a constant rate and relaxing your abdomen.

4. Enter the shoulder inverted position and lift your hips and legs upright in the air.

Support your back with both hands. Move your feet and relax in this position for one minute.

5. Lie flat again and twist your body several times.

First, turn the pelvis to the right, turn the head to the left, and then change direction. Try to twist your body as much as you can.

6. Lie flat face down, then lift your straight right leg and hang it in the air.

Keep this movement while breathing at a constant rate and relax your abdomen. Raise your left leg again and keep it in the air.

7. Lean your head back and keep your feet as close to your head as possible.

Keep your legs in the air, put your hands on the ground on both sides of your body, and support your body. Keep your body arched, relax your abdomen while breathing, and move your feet at the same time.

8. Rest your head on your hands and move your feet to relax.

9. Cross legged or heel.

Keep your back straight and your abdomen relaxed. In this minute, we meditate on an important Indian chant in Sanskrit "om Shanti". Sing repeatedly in your mind, and all your thoughts will settle down. Then, with one hand as a gift, he silently read out his blessing in his heart: "I want to give this beam of light to (name). I hope all living beings in the world are happy."

10. Lie down and relax your muscles.

Tighten the muscles in the legs and feet and then relax. Then tighten the muscles of the arms and hands and relax. The same steps apply to the head, face, and whole body. Then move your legs and relax completely for a few minutes. Experience peace and pleasure in your way.
August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast
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