face pull

5 training tips for face pull

The rope face pulling is a warm and moving movement, but few people touch it. Many friends don’t know its benefits. I often use this movement in the process of...
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary
fitness equipment

What fitness equipment does the gym have? What is the effect of each?

As a fitness enthusiast who has been in the gym for three years, I have personally used more than 100 kinds of equipment. So today I will introduce some frequently...
tennis elbow

You have tennis elbow, you should take a break!

Tennis elbow is one of the common diseases in orthopedic outpatient clinics, and almost every time you go out of the outpatient clinic, you will encounter two or three cases....
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary
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yoga ball

What are the benefits of exercising regularly with a yoga ball?

In the gym of public area, there is a yoga ball. Correct use of it can target the abdomen, back, waist and other major parts, and perform stretching, squeezing and...
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary
Why Occlusion Bands BFR Training is so Powerful?

Why Occlusion Bands BFR Training is so Powerful?

Blood flow restriction training method (BFR), also known as pressurization training, hemoblock training, KAATSU training, etc. is a training strategy that involves the use of a pressurized device placed around...
August 02, 2022 — lixiaoyan
resistance band

How to choose resistance for resistance band?

1. About the pounds of the resistance band The resistance of the resistance band is usually marked in pounds or kg, and 1 pound is about 0.45kg. In the process...
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary

The science and application of blood flow restriction training (BFR)

Origin of BFR: Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training is a new training strategy that involves wrapping the proximal end of the limb with a cuff or bandage, with the aim...
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary
foam roller

Foam Roller Relaxation: Is it Really Helpful, or a Waste of Time?

Walking into any gym or fitness studio, we can almost see all kinds of foam rollers, long, short, mace-style, and more advanced ones as well as vibrating foam rollers. Foam...
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary
gym ball exercises

You may not know about yoga balls

Many friends bought a yoga ball on a whim, and then it was usually regarded as a ball chair, and then reduced to a decoration over time, and finally leaked...
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary
Blood flow restriction training

Blood flow restriction training: feel the different training pressure

Luke Heath examined the evidence for blood flow restricting training to determine whether it could benefit athletes who need a quick recovery from an injury and, if so, how it...
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary
How to scientifically and effectively improve grip strength?

How to scientifically and effectively improve grip strength?

A strong grip is vital to us for many reasons. In sports such as football, rugby and martial arts, the ability to hold, hold and control the opponent is crucial....
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary
Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit

Is the hand grip strengthener useful?

In the fitness circle, the mainstream sports products have never been inconspicuous small equipment such as grips and wrist balls. Although they have been ignored, on the contrary, these sports...
August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary