Want to go to the gym, but find that only lunch break time is free, and did not bring the fitness bag? Or go to the gym and realize you forgot your pants? None of these problems should stop you from exercising. Prepare a backpack with fitness belt, which can solve these problems to a large extent and make full use of your exercise time.

Get the bag of fitness belt ready

1. Buy a bag big enough. When choosing a fitness bag, make sure it has enough space. You need a bag with many compartments, because you need to put clothes, shoes and food in different compartments. If you can find a fitness bag with a small zipper compartment, it will be better, so that you can separate the different items in the bag and keep it neat.

2. Collect plastic bags. Collect some plastic bags to hold things. This is especially important when your gym bag doesn't have many compartments. It is important to separate the different items in the bag so that some items can not leak to each other. 

  • Take a bigger bag to put the shoes. You certainly don't want sweaty sneakers to dirty your clothes, so you can buy a sneaker bag. Putting the shoes in a separate bag can prevent odor and bacteria from entering the compartment, so as to prevent the whole fitness bag from smelling like dirty feet full of sweat. 
  • Buy smaller sealed plastic bags for toiletries and underwear. In order to keep clean, you can put the clean underwear in the plastic bag, replace it, and then put the dirty underwear in the bag.
  • If you are injured accidentally, you can also use plastic bags to pack ice. 

3. Pack from bottom to top. First put the shoes at the bottom of the bag or in the compartment for shoes, then put everything into a smaller compartment, then put the toiletries in the bag, and then put the towels and clothes on it, so that in case of leakage of toiletries, other things can be prevented from getting wet. Remember to put all electronic devices or paper reading materials on the top. 

4.Pack up your gym bag the night before. Occasionally oversleeping, taking a long bath, failing to make breakfast, or ringing the alarm three times because of staying in bed can make the morning very hurried. In such a morning, packing your gym bag will only be the last thing you think of. So pack up the night before, which can reduce the pressure in the morning. 

  • Put your bag by the door or near your briefcase, shoes, keys, or coat. So you won't accidentally leave your bag in the bedroom when you go out.
5. Keep an emergency bag in the car. You should put a spare bag in the trunk so that you can respond to emergencies when you accidentally leave it in the bedroom. Just put some necessities in this bag, such as a T-shirt or vest, a pair of sports shorts, socks, a pair of old sneakers and cheap headphones, to make sure you don't miss exercise because you forget to bring your bag. 

Pack necessities

1. Bring good quality fitness clothes. The two things that must be packed in the fitness bag are sports T-shirts and bottoms, and their fabrics should be breathable and fit. You can think about what to do when you exercise. As yoga, when you bend down, you certainly don't want your pants to fall down or your face covered by clothes. Therefore, in addition to fashion, we should also pursue quality and practicality. 

  • Decide whether you want to wear a vest or a short sleeved shirt; Is it sports shorts, tights or trousers. As long as it conforms to your fitness plan, you can choose either one.
  • Bring a jacket and sweatpants when it's cold. This is especially important if you are going to leave the gym in your sportswear. 
  • It's a good idea to bring another underwear, especially when you're going straight to the office. You certainly don't want to wear clean and beautiful overalls outside, but sweat soaked underwear inside. 
  • If women are going to wear ordinary underwear to the gym, remember to bring their sports underwear.

2. Take your sneakers. Good shoes are very important for exercise. Many fitness lovers wear sports shoes or running shoes. If you are a high-level weightlifter, you may need to change your weightlifting shoes. No matter what shoes you wear, be sure to take them with you.  High heels or loafers may not be suitable for running on the treadmill.

  • Don't forget your socks. It's hard to exercise without socks. Even if you already wear a pair of socks, be sure to put another pair in your bag, because you never know when socks will get wet, slip off your shoes, or anything else will happen. Socks are an essential item in the fitness bag. 
  • Be sure to bring flip flops. If you need to shower in the gym after exercise, you can't stand on the ground barefoot, you must wear slippers. Wearing slippers can protect your feet from bacteria and fungi. 

3. Bring some hair bands or sweat bands. When women exercise, they should tie their hair to the back and not let it cover their face. As for men or women with short hair, the hair band or anti sweat band can also keep the hair from hanging down, block the face and absorb sweat.

4. Bring all necessary bath supplies. If you go to the gym during lunch or before work, make sure you have enough toiletries in your bag so that you can maintain a good mental outlook all day. You can consider taking these things:

  • Deodorant, body spray or cologne. Be careful not to spray too much cologne or perfume, especially if you don't take a serious bath.
  • Shower Gel. If you are male, you can buy a bottle of shower gel and shampoo at the gym.
  • Facial cleanser or facial towel and moisturizer are used to clean the face. You can also bring toner or toner.
  • Shaving cream and razor. If you're going to shave at the gym, take this with you.
  • Dry cleaning shampoo. If you don't have time to wash, blow dry and take care of your hair before work, dry cleaning shampoo will be very convenient. 

5. Take a towel with you. It's best to carry a towel with you, because not all gyms provide towels free of charge, and although the gyms clean towels, they may not be very clean. You need to wipe the sweat off your body or clean the equipment, so bring your own towel.

6. Bring a water bottle. Water is essential during exercise. Bring a water bottle to drink water at any time. You certainly don't want to be short of water or have to buy expensive water at the gym.

7. Bring some snacks. Pack healthy snacks in your bag to replenish energy before and after exercise. You can bring nuts, apples or protein bars. You can also choose healthy juice, bananas and nutrition bars.

8. Don't forget electronics. Exercise without music is incomplete, so be sure to put headphones in your bag in order to connect your mobile phone and play music. If you have an iPod or iPod shuffle, put them in your bag.

  • You can also bring a heart monitor, fitness tracker and other fitness equipment.

9. Remember to bring hand sanitizer. Because you share fitness equipment (and sweat!) with others, there are a lot of bacteria in the gym. In order to reduce bacteria, you should take hand sanitizer with you and wash your hands and wipe your hands at any time.

  • Disinfectant paper towels or wet wipes can be used instead of hand sanitizer. You can use it to wipe your hands. More importantly, you can wipe the fitness equipment with them before touching them. And put paper towels and wipes in the fitness bag, which won't be opened and made a mess. 

10. Don't ignore first aid. It's easy to get some minor injuries in the gym. Blisters, small wounds and other abrasions may occur when using equipment, lifting barbells or doing push ups. So you can put some bandages and band aids in your fitness bag to prepare for these situations.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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