The abdominal exercise roller is a commonly used exercise tool in life, of course, long-term use of the abdominal exercise roller can bring people a lot of roles, but wanting to use the coil wheel is also a lot of attention, such as the coil wheel. How many of those belly wheels do every day to be effective?

Abdominal Exercise Roller

How many times do abdominal exercise every day

Do it only once a day (about 10-30 minutes), do 3 groups (novice groups 1-2), break between group and group within 2 points, do 7 to 20 at a time (step by step). Also, don't forget to warm up before and after training to massage your abs and other trained muscle groups.
How long does it take to exercise with the abdominal exercise roller every day?
The exercise time of the day is best controlled at 10-30 minutes, that is, the rest time between each group of exercise can not be too long, the rest time between the group and the group to maintain within 2 minutes effect is good.

What should we pay attention to when exercising with the abdominal exercise roller

1. Do not carry out on an empty stomach
Exercise with an abdominal exercise roller, not on an empty stomach or just after eating, will affect the normal functioning of the stomach and other abdominal organs, resulting in damage.
2. Be careful to warm up first
Exercise with a belly wheel, and don't forget to warm up before exercise, warm-up can help muscles get into shape as quickly as possible and prevent sports injuries, but also note that after exercise, you can relax your abdomen and other exercised muscles groups, stretch or massage.
3. Proper protein supplementation
In the process of using the abdominal wheel exercise abs, should be an appropriate protein supplement, eat more dairy products, soy products and other high-protein foods, which can help enhance the effect of exercise.
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