The pull up bar is a very common outdoor sports equipment. Of course, there are many uses and benefits of the pull up bar, and there are many actions on the pull up bar. Pull up is a common action, but many people don't know the benefits of pull up. So what are the benefits of frequent pull ups? Let's have a look.

What are the benefit of pull up?

Benefits of pull up

1. Lose weight

When doing various exercises with the pull up bar, it can consume body heat and burn excess fat in the body, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. But it works better for overweight people.

2. Enhance strength

In the process of horizontal bar exercise, both hands need to hold the pull up bar as support, which will bear part of the body weight. Regular exercise can enhance arm strength.

3. Enhance vital capacity

Practicing the horizontal bar can enhance cardiopulmonary function and lung capacity. It can also promote the blood circulation of the body and accelerate the metabolism of the body. Regular practice of the pull up bar is good for the cardiopulmonary respiratory system.

4. Conducive to spinal health

Often hanging the horizontal bar is good for spine health. It can strengthen the increasingly loose muscle strength and improve the conditions such as low back pain, scoliosis, intervertebral disc herniation, hunchback, chest and so on.

5. Exercise muscles

In the process of practicing the horizontal bar, it can exercise the muscles of arms, shoulders, abdomen and so on. For example, when using the pull up bar to pull up, you can exercise the back muscles, shoulder muscles, upper arm muscles and chest muscles of the human body.

6. Help grow tall

When using the pull up bar to practice pull-up, the body is in a natural drooping posture, which can relax the muscles of the waist and back of the human body. The process of pulling against its own gravity can promote the slow growth of bones, which is good for helping to grow tall.

How to pull up

1. Hold the pull up bar with wide holding distance (Palm forward) with both hands, keep your feet off the ground, and naturally sag and straighten your arms.

2. Pull the body up with the contraction force of latissimus dorsi until the pull up bar touches or approaches the chest. Rest for one second to fully contract the latissimus dorsi. Then gradually relax the latissimus dorsi muscle and let the body fall slowly until it returns to complete sag. Repeat.

3. Inhale when pulling up and exhale when sagging.

4. When pulling up, concentrate on the latissimus dorsi muscle, pull the body as high as possible, and don't let the body swing when pulling up. Feet should not touch the ground when sagging

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