Among home gym equipment, TRX suspension rope is a very effective equipment, and TRX suspension rope is also a portable equipment. Some people know about TRX training. In fact, TRX training is training with TRX suspension rope. So what are the benefits of TRX training? Let's see the benefits of TRX training.

What are the benefits of TRX training?

Benefits of TRX training

1. Small size and easy to carry

TRX uses advanced industrial technology and weighs less than 2 pounds. It only needs a very small collection space. The installation method is also very simple. No matter at home or outdoors, it can start operation at any time as long as the belt is fixed to the door, wall or other places.

2. It is suitable for people with different fitness levels

Whether you are a beginner or a fitness expert, if you want to lose weight or exercise muscles, you can adjust the resistance according to your own body weight by changing the angle of your body and the sling, so as to achieve your own purpose of exercise.

3. Adjust balance function

Hanging training is like practicing yoga on a rope. It requires both endurance and a variety of balance skills.

4. Exercise low back muscles

In recent years, the American fitness industry has paid special attention to the exercise of waist and back muscles, especially the muscles near the spine. When we stand upright, under the action of gravity, the joints of lumbar spine and lower limbs will be under great pressure, and it is easy to have low back pain after a long time. Office workers generally need to be sedentary in the office, which is even more significant. TRX can adjust the shape of the spine, fully relax the joints, and exercise the muscles of the waist and back. It is the most appropriate way of fitness. The so-called core strength training refers to this.

What are the TRX exercises

1. TRX pull up!

Grasp the lifting ring in the way of opposite grip, hang naturally but do not lose tension, tighten the abdominal and gluteal muscles, and keep the pelvis and lumbar spine neutral and stable. Start the back muscle, pull the biceps upward until the hand is pulled to the chest for one second, and then keep the tension and play back slowly! Pay attention to keep the trunk stable and do not let the suspension rope shake!

2. TRX arm flexion and extension

The starting posture and the significance of parallel bar arm flexion and extension. Straighten your arms, hold your chest up, keep your shoulders stable (sink slightly and retract slightly). After bending your knees, your lower legs overlap the ankles of your feet. The elbow bends slowly and the shoulder extends and bends at the same time, so that the body gradually drops to the lowest position. Stop for a moment and support your arms until they are restored. Be careful not to open your elbows out too much and don't fall too deep!
August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast


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