FitBeast 3 set Flexible Resistance Twist Bar for Physical Therapy


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• Pain relief & get recovery: Whether you are tennis elbow or golf elbow, we provide a set of training to help you continuously improve muscle soreness, relieve pain, and gradually restore health.
• Improve hand and forearm muscle toughness & flexibility: Grasp and twist training to increase the strength of fingers and arms, and increase muscle flexibility.
• Exercise anytime, anywhere, easy to use: You can exercise while watching TV, resting in the office, walking, and so on.

What's Included:
✔️1* Green(light)10lbs
✔️1* Blue(Medium)15lbs
✔️1* Red (Heavy)25lbs
✔️1* User's Manual
✔️1* Bag

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FitBeast tennis elbow therapy bar have 3 different resistance levels, green(light)10lbs, blue(Medium)15lbs, red (Heavy)25lbs. You can choose different resistance levels according to your different training needs to achieve different training effects.


The exercise bar is made of TPE, non-toxic, odorless, non-sticky, durable, not easy to deform and crack. The surface of the 3 workout bars is designed with 12 anti-slip lines and increases the surface friction. It has a more gripping feeling when twisting and gripping, which is not easy to slip, feeling more comfortable.


FitBeast tennis elbow bar suit is very suitable for tendinitis, tennis elbow, golf elbow carpal tunnel syndrome, or postoperative recovery. You can use an exercise bar to prevent muscle stiffness and relieve joint pain at home, office, gym, or on travel.


FitBeast tennis elbow massager allows you to increase the strength of your fingers, wrists, and elbows through advanced training with different resistance levels while increasing the muscle and tendon toughness of the forearms, elbows, and shoulders. Improve the stability and control of the handgrip, improve finger flexibility, and overall arm mobility.

Customer Reviews

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Jenn Butterfield
Super Helpful!!!

The best purchase under 50 dollars on physical therapy ever!!! My hubby & I are both using these for hand, wrist, forearm , bicep & elbow therapy.
We have had severe tendinitis due to repetitive motion and computer use. Two weeks of twisting, holding, and bending and my forearm tendons and muscles are not as painful!!!! These work just as good as the brand name ones in the physical therapy work out area and less costly! Both my hubby & I definitely recommend these resistance bars! 5 Stars!!!!

Persistence and Patience

This product is good for exercises to alleviate lateral epicondylitis, prevent it, or just strengthen the muscles.
Three durable bands come in a light case with rope to hang up somewhere. Keep it in sight as a reminder to use.
The three bands offer different resistance. You can choose the one that's right and put away the others, or work your way up.
This isn't a quick solution.
Check out YouTube videos for exercises to do every day or several times a day for weeks.
Persistence and patience can pay off if anything.

Quality Flexible Resistance Bars

Bought these originally to improve my grip strength and did not expect the difficulty of the heavy red one. This pack comes with 3 different levels and it’s nice to get the flexibility and mobility movements in with the lower resistances. It’s also quite challenging with the higher resistance bar. I like using these between gym and climbing sessions for a bit of post workout recovery. These are also nice to take to the office while spending all day on a mouse and keyboard. There are some good exercises you can do with these to relieve the built up tension and pain from throughout the day. I definitely recommend these. Study construction and they’re simple tools that can make a big difference.


I'm a 62 year old male and the blue gives me the perfect resistance level. I feel just the right amount of exertion and I'm feeling the improvement in my joint.

Perfect for tennis elbow

I do a lot of pull-ups and push ups and I get pain near my elbows. I self diagnosed myself with tennis elbow so I tried this. It worked wonders. Just a few minutes of use eases the pain.


Does Fitbeast equipment come with any warranty?

Yes. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the product within 90 days, send it back. We also offer a No questions asked - 18 months warranty on all of our products.

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