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Really makes your grip and forearms strong

The grip and performance and quality and the ease of use is good for its price and other ones are kinda expensive for a hand gripper while this bundle is crazy for it price

Good selection

These bands are good, they offer a good selection of resistance and are a good additional aid to your current workout. They're thick, and strong and feel it too. Perfect for adding resistance to your bench or squats.

Great Quality and Value

I have been using a single handgrip exerciser for many years, which had a rubber ball for resistance that finally cracked. This new handgrip PAIR is way more comfortable, adjustable, and has a resettable counter. The nylon bag and other grip exercisers are a bonus. My hand is already stronger in less than a day. Having the counter allows me to set and track a daily goal.

Nice Hand Grip Strengthening Set

I really do like this FitBeast hand grip strengthening set as a whole. The hand grippers are ergonomically designed and fit nicely in my hand. Having the counter provides an accurate display of the number of reps and is a motivation for me to complete a certain number of reps.

Versatile, good value

They have such a range in size, that I could start with the lowest resistance and move up to the next gradually. There are plenty of online tutorials to use this type of band and being provided with a door anchor means there were many different ways to use the bands.

Really nice combination set

Grip strength is often a cause of plateaus for pulling exercises. I bought these to replace my old ones and chose them because of the counter. They are solidly built. They seem durable and all fit my hand (medium to large men's)

Needed after I injured my hand

I had a fall and injured my hand. Went the physical therapy and these were the tools they used. Great price, easy to use. My husband ordered one for his hand with arthritis.

Big improvement on one from 45 years ago

Great for strengthening shooting grip

Very sturdy

They are quite sturdy so I don't have to be scared about the fact that they might rip.


These tools are the greatest thing since potato chips. Each & every one of the 5 tools you get in the handy little drawstring bag is engineered to maximize your hand & forearm workout to a "T". They're durable & the instruction videos guide you towards doubling your strength in no time at all. I went overboard the day I received them and my hands & arms paid for it the next day.
Take your time and be diligent & you won't be sorry. Besides that, they come with a Lifetime Warranty. This set is truly the best of all worlds.
If a stronger grip& more defined forearms are your goals, you need to buy these yesterday.

Great pull up bar and customer service

I love this pull up bar. I have an old house that would not accommodate many traditional pull up bars, and this one sits perfectly between all the different door frames I’ve used it in over the past years. Never had experience with it falling down or slipping. When I had an issue, their customer service was quick to solve it and go above and beyond with help


What a great combination of quality tools for strengthening your grip. I just received it & went overboard trying everything out. My hands & forearms are toast but ice makes them feel better.
Thanks for such a quality & useful product.


I love using this on my back!!! Help so much. Professional and great customer service. Got the wrong color initially but they made it right by sending me a replacement. Awesomeness:)

Nicest Pull-Up Bar Ever Used

Bought this for my husband. He is known for his ability to bust out 20 pull-ups with ease. He hasn't had a good bar for a long time, so I figured this was a good way to get him back to it. His comment was - this is the nicest pull-up bar I've ever used! He also had it installed in like 5 minutes. Would easily adjust it for pushups or situps, except we have all the gear if needed for that already.

This works well

This item is easy to use and very effective. I recommended it to my friends.

I like this a lot more than I thought I would

I've been having a lot of forearm and wrist pain so I bought this to help strengthen the muscles in my forearm and wrist. Its worked very well and my pain has lessened. I actually didn't expect to like this pack as much as I did, but the ball it comes with is also one of my new favorite fidget toys.

Vine Customer Review of Free Product

I drive rideshare and will frequently get a terrible knot in my right shoulder. This little gadget works amazingly well to pinpoint the exact spot where my nerve gets pinched. I love that there are three different attachments. This allows me to work through the different stages of the knot. The flat silicone works much better than a tennis ball, as this allows me to position the product flat against a doorframe and press into it without it moving. If you also fight tense muscles, pinched nerves or knots, I recommend having this on hand.

Works pretty good

I noticed a strength increase in my grip after using for a few weeks.

works really good with time!

my posture has definitely gotten better over time with using it! it hurts at first

Works great for grip strength!

My husband got this to improve his grip strength for Jiu jitsu and he felt a difference so quickly. He’s already maxed out the 60lb hand grip strengthener

Great size, comfortable for shoulders!

I love this for my tight shoulders! Works well, easy to use, and very effective!

A different feel than the other rollers that don’t have the knobs

These rollers truly are great quality. I hadn’t ever tried a roller wheel like this, all the others I’ve tried have had a smooth exterior. I will say as long as I had this in the right spot it felt amazing. But sometimes the knobs hit weird or maybe they’d hit a knot and it could be a bit painful. This comes with 3 different sizes for gently, medium, and deep pressure. I love that it is all black.

Good for back aches

From time to time I have a few aches and pains. Most of the time I can use my fingers to massage the area. This device allows me to hit a precise spot in hard to reach areas such as the shoulder blades. It is also nice to roll on a calf or thigh. I don't notice a lot of difference between the two ends despite their different textures. There is a nice weight to it and the firm give to the material is much nicer than a completely hard surface. Now I. just have to keep it from becoming a dog toy.


Doesn't replace my doctor but it's so good when I'm having late night back discomfort and need a nice stretch or "crack." Very strong and sturdy material. The outer foam really massages into my back muscles. I wish it was a little bit smaller but overall it does what it says it does.

Great Value

Works great, well worth the investment. Bought after hand and arm surgery. Works as advertised.