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Good set of bands for home workouts and also while on travel

I would highly recommend these resistance bands. I did not find anything bad on this product at this time after using them for a week. Right now, the value for money is great with this set.

These were a really nice surprise. Highly recommended.

When you buy them you become part of a great on-line community with loads of great videos demonstrating all kinds of routines you can use with these bands to exercise safely.
The bands themselves seem to be really good quality and the bigger ones offer considerable resistance. The thinner ones ensure you can start at a very basic level.
Time will tell whether they last, but as long as you are sensible with them and don't tie them around sharp loops or handles or stand on them where there is concrete I can't see that they will fail.

Useful set of bands

Use these to warm up pre workout. Seems strong. The large range of resistance levels is handy. Durability seems OK and still going strong after a month of regular use

Very good for the price

So far a very good, respectable, decent resistance tube set, I've only used them lightly mainly focusing on my legs, but I'm hoping to expand on that in the near future and really get the most versatility out of this set that I can.

Who needs dumbells anymore!

I do have a set of dumbells but they're not very versatile especially as I don't have a lot of weights to play around with. These bands are a game changer. I was sceptical of the quality of these but can agree with other reviews that these are superior quality bands. Very well made and look and feel really durable. The accessories provided give you everything you need to make you target every muscle group and you can use them for HIIT training to isolation exercises. Definitely worth having the hand supports for certain exercises and resistances. Very versatile bands and you don't have to worry about changing weights after each set. Just pick up another band or increase the resistance using the same band by simply moving where you position your hands or feet.

Surprisingly good so far

I like the materials used. Bug plus for the accesories. Well designed and well made. Seems to be more reliable than bands which I was using before for bbetter price. It is good to be surprised.

Good product especially if you travel

What I like about this kit is that is has all that you need, very transportable and easy to pack away, a mobile mini Gym. I guess that I personally feel that the handles and clips are a a bit small and the resistance seems a bit lighter than what is written on the tube, so 50lbs does not feel like that.. I am not so bothered about this though as I know that this colour and that colour together is what I can do for whatever movement I am working on and I can progress to more resistance. All in all I gave it 5 stars as it does what it is meant to do and is very convenient to throw in the Suitcase if you are on the move or just get out at home for a work out.

Excellent addition to my home gym

Great price and quality products. Missing the cable machine at the gym, this is great, working my muscles well and a great quality addition to the gym.
I have had many bands over the years, these are definitely the best.

Pull Up Resistance Bands
Amazon Customer
Quickly delivered, good quality, useful purchase

So much can be done with these, so a very useful purchase. They are easy to use, easy to put in a door frame, handles and carry back are useful.

Pull Up Resistance Bands
Dorothy Tinsley
Does the job!

Good price. Comes in handy bag and I like the wraps for the bands which add comfort

Pull Up Bar
Chelsea G.
Great pull up bar

Can withstand my 220lb boyfriend, so very sturdy. You can hook your bands up to it for a workout as well. Stays in position when you're using it, but it chipped the paint a tad when we took it off. Great price point, easy to take on and off, easy to store. Love it

For anyone who has a weak grip or for beginner

Other than the thumb exerciser and stress ball, the rest of the set is quite useful to train the hand and forearm muscles. My son is using it to strengthen his left hand for violin and cello practices. The resistant is not overwhelming for a decent strength adult, but is quite right for teenagers such as mine.
If anyone whom wishes for building strength thru repetition, this is quite a set for it. Just don't expect massive resistance.
I can see this set can be a good tools for rehab of the hand, because I suffered hand injuries before, and I do see it can be helpful on my recovery.

Fitbeast Back Roller
William A Woodward IV
The roller works well

My mid to lower back is constantly having muscle spasms or tightness. This roller works well and massaging those muscles as I've been using it for a week now. You definitely need to be careful and go slow using it a first while. Take time to make sure the middle channel lines up with your spine so that the massage bumps don't cause discomfort. You get used to it fast after using it a few times. I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a back roller.

Great Trainer for Increasing Grip and Overall Hand Strength

It has multiple settings from 120-180 pounds making it very challenging to use, which is ideal if your goal is to gradually increase your overall grip and hand strength. It is very well made and resonates with quality.It's very easy to adjust the settings simply by separating each handle with a tug, selecting the desired strength setting by sliding the handles either up or down until you hear a "click" and then pushing each handle back together. Definitely a great grab.

I thought they were Strange, but They're Great!

You get a lot for the money here!
I just wanted a grip exerciser to help with both gripping free weights and the massive amounts of computer work I do. Yes this matters...
But I'm old, so I expected to find the kind with the two handles an spring in the middle. So at first these looked weird and I didn't think I needed all the extra stuff.
But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I appreciate being able to adjust the tension and all the extra little exercisers you get. Especially the one that does your finger spread!
For the money just buy it.
Comes with a little bag to keep it all together and everything.
Except my son took the stress ball as a bouncy ball and I have no idea where that ended up... 😒

Pull Up Bar
This thing is awesome!

I am loving this pull up bar. I also bought an expensive pull up rack that is free standing and this bar feels way more secure and user friendly at 1/5 the cost.
The twisting design to install is super simple, the little red locking clips give an added sense of security. the big flat surface that attaches to the wall feels really grippy and secure.
The manufacturer has some videos on how to set it up and they are helpful but this is a really simple design. out of the box and up in a couple minutes. keep tightening it every day or so in case it loosens. at first you will get another turn or two after a few uses.

The New Standard In Adjustable Hand Grip Strengtheners

This FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener with adjustable resistance of 40-100 pounds is a very high quality and well made product. The rubber foam type grips are so comfortable. I am attempting to gain as much of my right hand grip strength back as possible following a cervical fusion some months ago. So during repeated repetitions it was no longer necessary to constantly reposition my hand for comfort like with some molded resin handle models. Also, the spring action is very smooth in all the different resistance settings. I highly recommend this FitBeast hand grip strengthener for anyone having the desire to improve their overall hand grip strength.

It is a good gift for some occations

I purchased this for my son. He gave me one peace to improve my height blood pressure. It helps. So, my son and I have enjoyed this set of gadgets.

It works. Good design.

It hasn’t Borken like the other grip design I bought did.

Pull Up Bar
Good Pull Up Bar!

This is not your regular chin up bar that is usually bought, it is strong sturdy and it feels safe and secure when I use it. I like the top bar it is higher then normal giving me extra room for the legs. It also fits on the door jam much better and it protects the door. Good Quality Product!

Great new design, high quanlity.

This hand grip strength trainer is designed well, compared to other trainers. This this is made out of real good metal, it extends well and it is adjustable completely.

Got the knots out

My upper back was feeling what I described as “locked up.” I would try traditional stretches and nothing really seemed to help it. The largest wheel helps stretch and I use the smaller ones to target the knots. This takes minutes a day. My back has gotten much looser feeling, relieving some tension and headaches I was having. I highly recommend.

See improvements in my forearm in a week !

Great product , seen great improvements in my grip strength and physical appeared in my forearm already definitely recommend.

Amazing quality and easy to use

I’ve had this for a couple weeks so, these are first impressions. Seems to be made of a heavy duty material so it’s really durable and it’s has a foam grip so it doesn’t hurt your hands to use. Despite being made from a really durable material it also is quite light weight so you can carry it around anywhere . Not difficult at all.Definitely a great grab 😉

Grip anytime

It gives you something to do when you are just sitting around and it has a big difference on how hard it is to squeeze something amazing for those who don’t usually work out a lot or just want something to do while watching tv