FitBeast Adjustable Ankle Weights Straps/Belt(1.6Kg to 3.6Kg)


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• FitBeast ankle weights have a pair of ankle weights and a pair of wrist weights, buy one but get more.
• FitBeast ankle weights are easy to adjust the weights for different training situations.
• The widened velcro strap promises the ankle weights to attach to your ankle firmly.
• Triple leak-proof design makes the iron sand, not easy to leak.
• Soft and breathable fabric help you wear more comfortably.
• The buckle adopts double stitching technology to ensure the product is more durable.

What's Included:
✔️9* Accessories in The Package:
✔️2* Ankle Weights(0.8KG/1.7Lbs each pack)
✔️2* Wrist Weights(without sandbag)
✔️4* Sandbag (0.5KG/1.1Lbs
each pack)

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FitBeast ankle weight adopt widened velcro straps, which provide a superb and non-slip grip, to ensure the wrist weight set stays firmly attached to your ankle or wrist. The upgraded adjusted method makes weight adjustment more convenient.


The adjustable ankle weights sand bags are made of leakage-proof fabric, with tighter stitching. Putting steel beads and iron sand into the sandbags, this design prevents sand from leakage. The fixed buckle uses a double-layer stitch to ensure it is firmly, and not easily damaged while exercising. Durable and breathable fabric ensures the product is more comfortable and wear-resistant, it won’t hurt your skin and is not easy to damage.


FitBeast running weights comes with a pair of ankle weights (adjust the range from 0.8-1.8KG/1.7LBS-3.9LBS each pack, 1.6-3.6KG(3.5lbs-7.9lbs )each pair). They offer more choices for training, then you can adjust it based on your demands. Besides, there comes a pair of wrist weights (0.5KG/1.1LBS)each pack, 0-1KG(0-2.2LBS) each pair, which will efficiently train your wrist.


FitBeast walking weights work well for increasing exercise intensity, they can be used for daily workouts, core exercise, aerobic exercise, yoga, and other workouts. Besides, it is beneficial for improving balance, and recovering from muscle injury. Whether it is postoperative recovery or joint problems, FitBeast wrist and ankle weights would be your perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jonny Cassy
Fantastic ankle weights

Really enjoying these since I got them. They’re fantastic quality and fit snugly, with good weight to them. Using them for core workouts or leg exercises; you can really feel the resistance. They’ve been made to a high standard, won’t be worrying about any tears or leaking. Also using the wrist weights for added resistance when working out biceps and forearms. Very satisfied, no complaints.

Matas Batutis
Amazing set for your home gym

Very good quality product, couple of layers of protection so it attaches soft but firmly (very comfortable), easy to swap weights between wrist or ankle.
Weight doesn't seem large, but then you strap it for your abs and cardio workout you will feel it very fast. Good way to push you training to next level. Didn't feel any discomfort or rub off skin while using them.
And if you have VR set - try combining it with wrist weights - its amazing!!!

Exceptional product from Fitbeast once again!

This is my first time using ankle weights. I was absolutely blown away by how useful it was. The build quality of the product is amazing!! The straps fasten securely and the weights are very comfortable on the skin. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning about using ankle weights but then I realized how useful it was after incorporating them into my usual workout routine. They are especially useful when doing body-weight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups. Once again an outstanding product from fitbeast, no complaints. I would definitely recommend these weights to my mates, they are a great addition no matter you are a beginner at weight lifting or a pro who lives in the gym!

A solid set of adjustable ankle weights 💪😎 (includes wrist weights also).

First impressions - I'm happy with this product.
The ankle weights feel sturdy and comfortable to wear - they come with sandbags that you can use to adjust the weight in each ankle weight strap - a useful feature that I haven't had in my 2x previous sets of ankle weights. Very pleased with the ankle weights especially.
As an added bonus, they come with wrist weight straps too that will hold a sandbag each (included in set); the wrist weights at first seemed a bit tight, but problem solved when I pressed them to flatten the sand inside.

I would jump rope quite regularly and wearing the ankle and wrist weights these while using the jump rope is great for the extra calorie burn; also helps to increase the endurance in my arms/shoulders.

A great addition for those who want to increase difficulty when doing high intensity interval training, jumping rope (skipping) and hitting abs with hanging leg raises.

Premium materials and quality

I've been using Fitbeast products for a while now and ever since I bought their Premium Resistance Bands, I've learned that when I buy anything from Fitbeast, it's going to be made from premium/durable materials.

I received these ankle/wrist weights today and have been walking around the house (while working from home) for hours and I can honestly say, they are very comfortable. The inner lining is made from a soft material that feels really comfortable on the skin and the adjustable velco straps allow the pieces to stay in place on the ankles/wrists.

I will primarily be using these for leg raises, shoulder raises and shadow boxing and these feel perfect for it. The weights can be easily be removed and adjusted as needed so I can work my way up as I get stronger.

To round it off you get a Lifetime Guarantee when you register on their website! I recommend these ankle/wrist weights 100% or anything from Fitbeast because you know you will get quality at a reasonable price.


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