Fitbeast Home Gym Cable Pulley System Chest Arm Muscle Strength

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• FitBeast workout pulley system's maximum load-bearing capacity is 330lbs, which provides more load-bearing capacity while ensuring your safety.
• FitBeast LAT pulldown pulley system includes 3 different handles, you can change the connection ways according to your workout needs.
• Following the installation instructions, connecting various parts with cables and hoist buckles, you can easily assemble the FitBeast Pulley gym.

What's Included:
✔️1* LAT Pulldown Bar ✔️2* Steel Cable
✔️2* Exercise Handles ✔️1* Tricep Rope
✔️2* Pulley ✔️1* Long Strap
✔️2* Adjustable Buckles ✔️6* Hoist Buckles
✔️1* Barbell Clamps ✔️1* Loading Pin
✔️1* Wrench ✔️2* Straps✔️1* Capel
✔️1* Storage Bag
✔️1*User's Manual

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Solid & Safe Pulley System

FitBeast pulley system gym is made of high-quality cable, which is composed of 6 strands of steel rope, safe and not easy to break. The thickened protection ball will effectively avoid the danger caused by the sudden sliding of the device. Welding technology is used at the connection of the loading pin to prevent the tray from falling off after being stressed, which is safe and firm.

Loading up to 330Lbs

The FitBeast pulley system gym uses an extra loading pin, which can load more Olympic weight plates and support 330lbs load-bearing, and the 8mm thick hoist buckles can carry more weights to meet your weight training needs at different stages. Besides, we install an anti-collision sponge on the loading bin, which can effectively protect your floor.

Easy to Adjust & Set Up

The FitBeast weight pulley system has two cables (70inch, and 90 inches). They will easily meet your training needs for different lengths. The pulley rotates 360-degree to prevent the rope from twisting, and a smooth roller ensures a good traverse of the rope. The pulley system can be connected to the power frame, the upper tie rod, the cross beam, and any place where the belt can be tied have been installed. Note: Please make sure the place you install is safe enough)

Variety Training Method

The FitBeast cable pulley system can not only exercise different parts by using the tricep rope, exercise handle, and lat pull-down bar, but also bicep curls, triceps pull-downs, latissimus dorsi pull-downs, etc. The LAT pull-down bar can be adjusted in length, and the pulley combination can change the direction of the force. All of these will help you to get a more comprehensive exercise.

Professional Service Team with You

The FitBeast gym pulley system contains a total of 24 accessories, so we offer a storage bag to help you store and carry it better and avoid losing accessories. FitBeast has always been committed to providing a good shopping experience. If you have any questions, please contact us without hesitation.

Customer Reviews

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Surprising well made. Need to get one more.


I just bought this product! It took about a couple of hours to set it up since I didn’t have a bar that was high enough up to hook it on! I bought a chain to allow the weights to touch the floor and it is perfect! Such an affordable product and it had a back bar which is the reason i bought it! Very excited and happy!

Cautionary Tales
Great product for this price point

I bought this for my son to use in his home gym, and he is loving it. Big thanks to the other reviewers who recommended it; it’s a great buy at this price point, and versatile enough that you can mount it and connect different types of weights in various ways (right now, he’s using plates or a sandbag depending on the exercise).

The packaging was pretty funny – it’s printed with “Build muscle, not Bill!” So I guess if your name is Bill, we’re not talking to you.

Unless your name is Bill AND you want to build muscle – in which case I guess we ARE talking to you.

I totally recommend this product.

A versatile setup to take anywhere!

Very quick and easy to switch to different setups such as low cable and high cable. All you need is a sturdy beam or an appropriately sized eye bolt and you are all set! The cables are so smooth you don't notice them at all and the accessories would cost 30$ us per to but them individually. We bought it mostly to get our resistance tower a double cable option for Flys front double bicep curls et cetera, it works perfectly for that! I couldn't be happier with the product, definitely consider this for your gym set up.

Get ready to save some money!

I currently live in an apartment complex and with covid I prefer to not go to the gym and do my workouts at home. One of my favorite things to do is that pull tower and this helped me incorporate that into my apartment without taking up space. I have a rack tower with pull bar because a full rack was to big but this is super great! It takes less than 10 minutes to hook up and as long as you have weight plates you are good to go with up to the recommended weight size! This is probably the most inclusive attachment set I’ve seen on Amazon for these. Most systems don’t come with the full back pull down bar and this was the only one that I could find that actually included it and for a super affordable price! After getting one I ended up buying a second one so I can have multiple set ups already up. They include two different cord length to choose from and if the cord is too long, they include attachments to shorten your cord as I needed for the rope pull and back pull bar so I can get full range of motion on my rack. I didn’t put weights on it in the picture but they are super great! It seems as if it may go everywhere when you pull but the weight actually helps keep it in the place! Super satisfied with this and saved myself a gym membership and about $700


Does Fitbeast equipment come with any warranty?

Yes. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the product within 90 days, send it back. We also offer a No questions asked - 18 months warranty on all of our products.

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As soon as your order has been fulfilled, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email, you can use the tracking code to track your order.
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No, tax is included for all products. Buy with confidence.

How to use?

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