Doorway Pull Up Bar

Our no screw pull up bar. FitBeast pull up bar doorway has seen countless improvements, many from customer feedback, to give you best doorway pull up bar for your money. No damage to the door.

Pull Up Assist Band

Pull-up assist bands can allow the user to grow the upper body muscles associated with completing unassisted pull-ups in an achievable way.


No tools required and holding up to 600 lbs. FitBeast pull up bar takes no time away from your workout. 


FitBeast pull up bar for home was designed so that most styles of door you have you can get your workout in.


Fitbeast home pull up bar can be fixed at any height you want, suitable for pull up, push up, sit up and other exercises, help to bulid your musle fast.


save for your pull up

Why Choose Pull Up Bar?

Because of the cost and the convenience of chin up bar. Users of doorway pull up bar no screws do not have to invest thousands of dollars in gym memberships. Users of pull up bar for home also do not have to spend hours upon hours building the body of their dreams. With a pull up bar for door, users simply have to devote a small amount of time each day to doing pull ups. Results from this small amount of time invested are huge.

FitBeast carries the most perfect at home pull up bar.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This thing is great! I don’t have that much space for a regular stand-up bar, this was the perfect thing for me. I have used it a lot so far and I have no issues, non-slip. 10/10 for me
— Zoe Gardner
Customer reviews
Used for general muscle development & fitness. Easy of install, sturdiness, and quality 5 stars.
— Tommy
Customer reviews
Seems like a pretty beefy pull-up bar with 3 different hand placement options. Not sure that I would trust the max weight listed but I don't have too many concerns with my 160lbs.
— Mason Watts
Customer reviews
My husband and I have been using it for about 2 months now, sturdy and non-slip, my 5-year-old uses it too, even though he can not pull himself up. We both love it, by the way, the tutorial video is nice. Terrific.
— Jane