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• Safe and Secure: The stable structure and selected steel ensure the pull-up bar doorway is firmly stuck on the door when training. It won't fall or deform to ensure the safety of your use.
• Protect Door Frame: Increase the surface area with the door. Use TPE flexible material to minimize the damage to the door during use.
• Multifunctional Workout: Pull-up bars can help you achieve pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, and dips. Suspension trainers or pull-up bands make your training more diverse, efficient, and exciting.
• Professional Tutorial: We provide professional product instructions and tutorials.

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Safe and Secure

A unique tomahawk structure was used in the FitBeast pull up bar doorway. The chin up bar can be firmly secured on the door frame, forced down, and utilized with greater stability and safety so it won't shake, swing, or fall. We selected refined steel for the composition. The steel pipe has a diameter of 28 mm, a 2 mm thickness, and a 440 lb load capacity (200kg).


Our door frame pull up bar fits doors with a width of 23.23"–37" (59 cm–94 cm) and a depth of 4.7"–8.6". (12cm-21cm). For specifics, please refer to the product's picture and size information. It has three sets of handles, you can do pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, and dips to efficiently work your chest, back, and arms.

Easy to Use and Door Frame Protection

We selected the strong and long-lasting TPE as the stress material. The pull up bar doorway effectively relieves pressure on the door and safeguards the door frame by increasing the bearing area of the door frame by 2" * 1.4" (5*3.5cm). Simply push two buttons to quickly unfold and fold the pull-up bars for strength training, then begin your workout. You can simply store it after training.

Non-Slip and Comfortable Grip

The 5"-long pull-up bar handle is constructed of TPE and has a non-slip texture on the surface (12.5cm). No matter how large or tiny your hands are, the grip will be tighter, more reliable, and non-slip when in use. Reduce the pressure you apply to your inner hand to prevent future hand blisters. Your hands won't be harmed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chelsea G.
Great pull up bar

Can withstand my 220lb boyfriend, so very sturdy. You can hook your bands up to it for a workout as well. Stays in position when you're using it, but it chipped the paint a tad when we took it off. Great price point, easy to take on and off, easy to store. Love it

Good Pull Up Bar!

This is not your regular chin up bar that is usually bought, it is strong sturdy and it feels safe and secure when I use it. I like the top bar it is higher then normal giving me extra room for the legs. It also fits on the door jam much better and it protects the door. Good Quality Product!

Kathleen M
A sturdy pull up bar that is easily stored

No assembly necessary, just push in the pins and move out the arms and done.Throw it over the door frame and you're good to go. I don't know if this will work on all door frames, but it worked perfect on mine and it's super stable. I have no concerns of it not carrying my weight (160 lbs) when doing pull ups. The build feels really strong and I love the fact that the arms can fold back in and that I can store it in a relatively flat form factor. It also has a ring that you can attach resistance bands, a TRX suspension system, or rings for different exercises.

Easy to setup and use!

I was surprised how easy this was to set up and use. It comes assembled, you just have to slide the two arms out and put it on the top of the doorway. It seems very strong and sturdy. Great addition to my workouts - or just something to do when I'm bored I stead of raiding the fridge!

Feel stronger already!

Seems like a pretty beefy pull-up bar with 3 different hand placement options. Not sure that I would trust the max weight listed but I don't have too many concerns with my 160lbs.


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