KDG, a leading provider of fitness and rehabilitation equipment, has recently become aware of an emerging concern related to the functionality of our Grip Strengtheners. Some customers have reported experiencing a squeaking noise during use. As a responsive and customer-centric organization, we take this matter seriously and are working diligently to address the issue and provide a satisfactory solution to our valued customers.

The purpose of this press release is to openly communicate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction while updating affected consumers on the steps we have taken to rectify the situation.

The reported squeaking noise is an unintended result of some recent manufacturing adjustments made to improve the overall durability and longevity of the product. Unfortunately, these alterations have resulted in an unforeseen consequence that impacts the user experience. Upon receiving initial customer feedback, our product development and customer service teams immediately initiated investigations to identify the cause of the issue and develop an effective resolution.
grip strengtheners squeak
We want to assure our loyal customers that we deeply regret any inconvenience caused. Since becoming aware of the matter, we have implemented the following measures:

1. Thorough Investigation: Our technical team has been diligently investigating the cause of the squeaking noise. This investigation has involved internal tests, external consultation with various industry experts, as well as conducting surveys among affected customers to gather additional information and specific use-case scenarios.

2. Quality Assurance Enhancements: We are refining our quality control processes to prevent further occurrences of this issue. This includes conducting rigorous testing during the manufacturing process to ensure that every product meets our high-quality standards, free from any defects or deficiencies.

3. Improved Customer Support: Our customer support team has been strengthened to ensure a seamless and quick response to all customer concerns related to grip strengtheners. Our team is dedicated to providing timely assistance, including troubleshooting steps to minimize any disturbance caused by the squeaking noise during use.

4. Honoring Warranty: Any customer who has had an issue with the squeaking noise in our grip strengtheners is eligible for a free replacement within the product warranty period. To facilitate this process, we encourage affected customers to reach out to our customer support team, who will guide them through the seamless replacement or refund process.

We understand that some customers may have concerns regarding the durability and performance of our grip strengtheners due to this issue. We want to emphasize our commitment to making things right and assure our customers that we are continuously working towards finding a long-term solution. In the meantime, we appreciate their patience and understanding.

In response to our loyal customers' feedback, we are ramping up our efforts to deliver a premium user experience. As part of our commitment to excellence, we will be releasing an updated version of the grip strengtheners, addressing the squeaking issue with enhanced durability and functionality. The revised model will be available for purchase, and further information regarding its release will be shared on our website and social media channels in the coming weeks.

We would like to express our gratitude to our customers for their trust and continued support as we navigate this situation together. They are at the heart of everything we do, and their satisfaction remains our top priority. We are confident that these measures will rectify the reported concerns and reinforce our commitment to providing exceptional fitness and rehabilitation equipment.

About KDG:

KDG is a renowned provider of high-quality fitness and rehabilitation equipment. With a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, our products are innovatively designed to meet diverse fitness needs. We combine cutting-edge technology with extensive research and development to deliver reliable and efficient solutions to our customers worldwide.
August 08, 2023

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