Every retraining person will have a heart idol, and the newbies who have just started to contact retraining will have a question, why do these huge training methods and their own so much difference? Doesn't it matter if you're squatting and pushing your shoulders hard? Why don't you even watch them practice this? Why do they practice 40 sets of training in one part a day? And you overtrained for two weeks? One of the most important reasons for these problems is that we have to find the right way to train for your stage so that you can get better.

How to start training for fitness novices

what should newbies who are new to fitness do?

Before you become a fitness novice, you don't know anything about fitness, go to the gym is to do two-headed bends and action is not standard chest push?
Here are a few things you should pay attention to:

1. Invest in the six most important actions

  • squat
  • Hard lift
  • Lie down and push
  • Rowing
  • Shoulder push
  • Drop-down

These six movements are not easy to learn, but basically, as long as these six movements, you can make your body evolve very smoothly, and they grow a high ceiling

So you can use them at any stage, and while practicing you can also see if there is a muscle imbalance that can be taken to our second mainline task

2. Find the muscle imbalance and correct it

For example, you have round shoulders, pelvic forwards, hunchbacks, etc., is to relax the tight muscle group, and then to strengthen the over-stretched or weak muscle group, while looking for normal joint activity

If you don't fix it at this stage, your joints will easily burst when the next stage starts to add training intensity.

Strengthen the core

Most people have a weak core, if you point up the supporting skill of strengthening the core

Your top six moves as a fitness novice and your training afterward will help

Daily schedule for fitness novices

The daily schedule process for fitness novices should be:
1. Relax the stretch first
2. Pick 3 main moves to practice
A group of 12 to 15 to do three to four groups, and then the rhythm to be slow, centrifugal can be three seconds, such as a long second, two seconds to the center, the group rest 60 to 90 seconds
You do a lot of training with a very lightweight, and then repeat these movements to improve your motor proficiency
3. Training cores and weak muscle groups

From the research point of view, for novices, do a good job of these multi-joint training muscle-boosting effect is very good, if you directly at this stage with the giant super-high training volume of ultra-multi-joint action to do training, it is likely to directly overtrain, or even cause too much damage to the joints.
August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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