In the training equipment, many equipment are common, such as medicine ball, kettle bell, etc. at the same time, the training effect of these equipment is very good, and many training actions need these equipment. I believe someone still knows what the classic training action of medicine ball is. So, what is the best medicine ball training classic? Let's have a look.

1. Medicine ball squatting and throwing

First hold him with both hands, and then place him at the same height as his chest, and then squat down to the extent that his thighs are parallel to the ground. While standing up, throw the medicine ball up slightly with force, and then repeat the squatting and throwing the medicine ball after catching it. Each group completed 15 times, a total of three groups.
This exercise can strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms, and strengthen the stability of the core.

2. Medicine ball squats and jumps to the ground

First, we need to lift it over our head, then squat down until the included angle between our thighs and the ground is 45 degrees, then hit the medicine ball on the ground, catch it with both hands when it bounces up, then jump up, and repeat this action after landing. Each group completes 15 times, a total of three groups.
Then this action can also exercise the muscles of the legs, which is very helpful to improve the explosive power.

3. Medicine ball rolling abdomen

When doing belly curling, many people don't know where to put their hands. It's easy to use force behind their neck to make their neck uncomfortable. Then you can solve this problem with only a medicine ball.
After lying flat, hold the medicine ball with both hands and put it on the chest, then take back the legs to make the soles of the feet fully contact the ground, then contract the abdominal muscles to drive our upper body, lift the medicine ball up at the same time, keep it for one second, then put it down and restore, and then repeat the action for 15 times, a total of three groups. It can achieve the effect of exercising abdominal muscles.

4. Medicine ball push ups

It's similar to the diamond push ups you've done, but putting your hands on the medicine ball will increase the difficulty of stability. Therefore, it can exercise not only the pectoralis major and arms, but also the stable muscle groups of the back and abdomen.
August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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