Global hypertension statistics are increasingly alarming, with an estimated 1.13 billion adults affected by high blood pressure worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. This serious medical condition is a leading cause of heart disease, stroke, and numerous other health problems which makes it all the more important to find effective strategies to reduce the risk factors.

A significant new study has highlighted one potential solution for reducing hypertension: using a hand grip strengthener. This simple device, typically used to build up hand strength, has shown remarkable results in helping to reduce high blood pressure in both men and women.

Details of the Study

The study, conducted by the Research Institute of Heart and Lung Transplant in Sofia, Bulgaria, involved 106 adults with mild or moderate high blood pressure. Participants were divided into two groups: one group received 12 weeks of hand grip strengthener training, while the other group received standard medical treatment without any training. The hand grip strengthener used in the study was a simple plastic device that can be easily found at a sporting goods store or online.

All participants had their blood pressure measured at the beginning and end of the study period. The results showed that the group who used the hand grip strengthener had a significant decrease in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Specifically, systolic blood pressure (the top number) decreased by an average of 14 points, while diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) decreased by an average of 8 points. The other group that received just medical treatment without hand grip strengthener training had no significant changes in blood pressure numbers.
hand grip strengthener to reduce blood pressure
Implications for Public Health

These findings have significant implications for public health, particularly for those individuals who are struggling with high blood pressure. Unlike many other treatments for hypertension, which can be expensive or require significant lifestyle changes, using a hand grip strengthener is affordable, easy to use, and has no negative side effects. Furthermore, the results of this study suggest that using a hand grip strengthener may be especially helpful for people who have mild or moderate hypertension and are looking for a simple, non-pharmacological intervention to complement their medical treatment.

It's important to note that hand grip strengthener training was used as an add-on therapy to standard medical treatment in the study and not as a replacement. Everyone struggling with hypertension should still be in touch with a healthcare professional when trying to manage their condition.

The hypothesis behind the benefits of hand grip strengthener training is explained due to the activation of nitric oxide in the inner layers of blood vessels, according to the study's authors. When using a hand gripper, it results in the expansion of blood vessels, improving overall blood flow.

"Hand grip strengthener training represents a relatively low-cost and effective lifestyle intervention that could complement traditional drug therapy in hypertensive adults," says Dr. George Krasenkov, lead author of the study.


While more research is needed to fully understand the effectiveness of hand grip strengthener training as a tool to reduce high blood pressure, these early findings are promising. The affordability, simplicity, and low risk profile of this approach make it an appealing option for millions of people living with hypertension worldwide.

"The important point of the study is to show the potential of hand grip strengthener training to improve blood pressure in a simple, easy, and safe way," says Dr. Krasenkov, "We hope that our results encourage further research into this intervention and the potential for its implementation in hypertensive patients."

This latest study gives individuals further hope and demonstrates how simple adjustments to lifestyle choices can help individuals who experience high blood pressure. The findings of the study emphasize the importance of consulting medical professionals before beginning any new exercise or therapy. The full study can be found in the Journal of Hypertension.
June 17, 2023

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