Many aspects of training should be done during fitness. Among them, explosive force is easy to be ignored. If you want to improve explosive force, you should not only enhance leg strength, but also improve leg flexibility and reaction speed. In general, we will use some equipment to exercise explosive power. In addition to the common dumbbells and barbells, recently, medicine balls have been paid more attention and applied to explosive power training. Today, let's take a look at the explosive power training actions of medicine ball.

Action 1: lift the ball and hit the wall

In explosive training, the training of leg strength and reaction speed is very important. Through the training of medicine ball hitting the wall, the flexibility and reaction speed of lower limbs can be greatly improved. First of all, we need to find a medicine ball with relatively light weight, and the wall is also relatively strong, and then start to lift the ball to hit the wall. In the process of smashing the wall, the legs change alternately. If you can practice alternately with one leg behind, you can exert more force. Pay attention to the safety of sports and don't hurt yourself.

Medicine ball explosive power training action

Action 2: smash the wall and run sideways

By smashing the wall and side running with the help of medicine balls, we can greatly improve the coordination of our body, so that we can better show our explosive power. Not only that, in the process of smashing the wall and running side by side, our muscles have been exercised, especially the strength of lower limb muscles. When we start to run laterally, we should control and speed, keep consistent with the ball, run and catch the ball for one minute.

Action 3: squat up and throw the ball

If you can master the skills of hitting the wall and running side by side, you can challenge the more difficult squat to get up and throw the ball, which is related to the training of jumping ability. Squatting is essential. Combined with the action of throwing the ball, you can exercise your explosive power. When doing this action, you still need to choose a medicine ball with relatively small weight. When throwing the ball, lean forward and hit the ball against the wall. When catching it, do a deep squat, then throw it up and repeat the practice.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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