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Low Cost- Good Product

Works as intended for grip strength for low cost

Surprising well made. Need to get one more.


I ordered and paid for two of the hand grip packages. I only received one box. I contacted customer service, who never got back to me. I am very disappointed.

Very good back stretcher wheel.

I absolutely love this piece of kit. The size of the roller makes it great for stretching your back. The quality of materials used here feel top-tier and the carry case is a big plus. There's even a little surprise in the box

The cracks from my back were LOUD

I'm 100% going to keep using this wheel, and if you are looking for a bit of back relief from sitting around constantly, I would recommend at-least giving this a try! As a disclaimer, I am no medical expert, so it might be wise to talk to a professional before trying this - although I was willing to just give this a shot and it works for me.

Very Durable

I was very pleased with how sturdy this wheel is! It is great for rolling your back. It works as advertised and has worked for me and my wife. Great product.

Broke Handtrainer...

I got one and after some weeks it broke

Broke Handtrainer...

I got a one and it Broke after some time...

Broke Handtrainer...

I got a Handtrainer that got broke after some weeks

Back saver

As a PT I am really impressed with this product. I have tried a few Fitbeast products and they all have been good quality. I've tried this with several clients and it has worked well for their back pain! I definitely recommend trying this out.

Fantastic quality

A good quality, well made product that seems to do the job the manufacturer claims. A handy storage bag is included to keep it in top condition. Overall a great product. Recommended.


The wheels are amazing. Very well thought out design and super sturdy. Goodbye “yoga wheel” hello fitbeast wheels 💫💪


This is my second fitbeast purchase and although some of the associated material and provided in the booklets and online are culturally different in their use of language, the items are clear and of great use and the products are absolutely top quality.

Enjoying this isn't much of a stretch!

The roller came with a well made case, cleaner (in shape of a teddy bear!) and hair clip for longer hair users. They've really put a lot of thought into this product.

I cannot praise this enough.

The wheel arrived with a soft fabric carry case and a set of instructions for use, which also detailed the fact that as you become more proficient you graduate to smaller wheels. On examination, the wheel appears to be very well made, with a groove in the centre along the circumference to accommodate the user’s spine.

Amazing Stretch and build quality

Very cool invention that I think is superior to the balance ball which are just too squishy for my liking. This wheel is super firm but has a cushioned outer tread and works great for my sitting and balancing exercises for leg strengthening. It seems very sturdy and durable and reminds me of a race car tire whenever I look at it.

Good bit of kit

If you're looking for something to help with stretching and gentle massage rather than very deep tissue massage then this 12" version is a good buy.

Works as advertised

Very comfortable to use and happy with the carry bag it comes with as well to make this mobile. Happy with the results of this item and the build quality.

Back roller

It's relatively lightweight at under 3kg, but considerably more than a foam roller. Though it's probably a tad more portable, it is still a more significantly sized item, and you still have the empty void to pack a towel or some gym clothes if you want to take this with you.

Love It!

It's nice that this comes with a bag for storage, there's a lot of space inside so easy to squirrel away stretch bands to complete the set.

Very hefty and love the spine channel

For reference, I'm 220lbs and 6ft tall, and the 12" roller is perfect for me. It feels incredibly sturdy, even when I put my full weight on it; I can't even feel the roller flex.

Back stretcher

Arrived well packaged no problems there.Great product, item as described, works well. Good quality and well made, have no problems with it at all thank you.

Great to stretch your back

Overall, so far, this is the best back roller I own and it's well worth the price. This size works best for stretching than deep-muscle massage, but if that's what you're after, it works a treat.

A useful tool for back relief

I was tentative on my first use of the wheel as it felt quite unnatural, to the point where I was fearful of injuring myself as I’m not as flexible as I once was. Anyway, I quickly gained in confidence and rolled a few times, deciding not to overdo it on the first day. I did feel loosened up afterwards which was a good sign.