FITBEAST, a leading fitness equipment manufacturer, has launched their revolutionary Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit. Designed for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels, this comprehensive kit provides everything needed to strengthen hand grip, wrist, and forearm muscles.

According to Alex Young, the CEO of FITBEAST, “Hand grip strength is essential in many physical activities such as rock climbing, weightlifting, and martial arts. We wanted to create a product that would help individuals achieve their fitness goals by targeting these crucial muscle groups, and with our Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit, we have done just that.”
FITBEAST Launches Revolutionary Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit
The FITBEAST Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit includes a variety of high-quality equipment, including:

- Adjustable Hand Gripper – Features adjustable resistance levels from 22-123 lbs to target specific muscle groups.
- Finger Trainer – Designed to develop finger and hand strength while improving dexterity.
- Grip Ball and Grip Ring – Unique tools to improve coordination and target specific muscles in the hand and fingers.
- Wrist Strengthener – Helps to improve wrist strength while reducing the risk of injury.
- Forearm Strengthener – Provides a complete forearm workout to build muscle and improve grip strength.
- Resistance Band – Can be used to target wrist, hand and forearm muscles for improving strength and flexibility.

Each piece of equipment is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The adjustable hand gripper features a comfortable grip and ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue. The finger trainer is compact and easy to use, making it the perfect companion for individuals on-the-go. The grip ball and grip ring are constructed using durable materials, ensuring they can withstand frequent use. The wrist and forearm strengthener features adjustable resistance levels and a comfortable wrist strap to help prevent slipping.

“Our Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit has been designed to help individuals of all skill levels strengthen their hand grip, wrist, and forearm muscles,” says Young. “Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, our kit offers a comprehensive workout that can help you achieve your fitness goals.”

The FITBEAST Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit has already received positive feedback from athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have used the product. “I have been using the Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit for several weeks now, and I have noticed a significant improvement in my grip strength,” says John, a fitness enthusiast from San Francisco, CA. “The different resistance levels allow me to target specific muscles and challenge myself, making my workouts more effective.”

The FITBEAST Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit is available on Amazon and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The kit is priced competitively at $29.99, making it an affordable option for fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their grip strength.


FITBEAST is a leading fitness equipment manufacturer that specializes in creating high-quality products designed to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Their product range includes resistance bands, yoga mats, hand grippers, and more. FITBEAST is committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products that are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

For more information on the Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit, visit the FITBEAST website.
May 11, 2023

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