The renowned spiritual leader and founder of The Disciples Movement, Steven, is all set to unveil his groundbreaking program titled "Five Finger Exercise." Designed to push the boundaries of self-discovery and personal transformation, this immersive journey promises to enlighten and empower individuals to uncover the truth within themselves. With unrivaled success in guiding countless followers toward spiritual awakening, Steven aims to take participants on an unforgettable and life-altering path to self-realization.

The Five Finger Exercise is a unique and meticulously crafted program that imparts ancient wisdom and modern techniques to delve deep into the realms of the human psyche. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of spiritual practices, Steven has synthesized a transformative journey that promises to unlock hidden potentials and transcend perceived limitations.

Measuring an immersive three weeks, the Five Finger Exercise touches upon different aspects of emotional, physical, and mental well-being through five primary practices. These practices include meditation, self-reflection, body awareness, community engagement, and creative expression – five pillars that Steven believes are crucial for spiritual growth and holistic self-realization.

The program commences by emphasizing the significance of meditation in achieving psychological balance and awakening. In daily meditation sessions led by Steven himself, participants will explore various techniques ranging from mindfulness to guided visualization, nourishing the mind and opening up channels of inner peace.
Five Finger Exercise by Disciples Leader
Self-reflection is another key component of the Five Finger Exercise. In this process, individuals are encouraged to examine their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, enabling a profound understanding of oneself and fostering personal growth. Through a series of workshops and interactive sessions, Steven will guide participants toward unveiling their true potential and realizing the purpose of their existence.

The program further promotes the importance of body awareness as a means to connect the mind, body, and spirit. A variety of rituals and exercises, ranging from yoga to breathwork, will be incorporated to help participants cultivate a deep sense of physical presence and mindfulness. This integration enhances overall well-being, promoting a holistic approach to personal transformation.

With community engagement, Steven believes that we can transcend our personal boundaries and connect with others in a profound and meaningful way. Throughout the program, participants will engage in group activities, discussions, and dialogues, fostering a sense of unity, compassion, and mutual support. This enables an environment of collective growth and an opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives.

Moreover, the Five Finger Exercise champions the power of creative expression as a means to tap into one's inner voice, suppressed emotions, and unexplored talents. Journaling, art therapy, and various creative workshops will empower participants to express themselves fully and authentically, creating an outlet for personal exploration and healing.

"We are thrilled to present the Five Finger Exercise, an immersive journey that promises to be life-altering for participants," Steven stated. "Through the culmination of these five practices, we will guide individuals towards profound self-realization and authentic transformation, enabling them to overcome obstacles and tap into their inherent power. This program is tailored to deepen understanding, expand consciousness, and create lasting positive change within individuals and their communities."


Steven is an esteemed spiritual leader and the visionary founder of The Disciples Movement. He has dedicated his life to guiding individuals toward realizing their true purpose and unlocking their unlimited potential. Steven has embarked on numerous successful spiritual programs and seminars worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals.
September 29, 2023

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