Restoring Strength and Flexibility to the Injured Digit

Vivi Health, a leading provider of hand therapy solutions, is pleased to introduce a comprehensive set of hand exercises aimed at treating and rehabilitating mallet fingers. These exercises, developed in collaboration with esteemed hand therapists, offer individuals recovering from this common finger injury a chance to restore strength, flexibility, and function to their injured digits.

Mallet finger, also known as baseball finger or drop finger, occurs when the extensor tendon that straightens the fingertip is disrupted or damaged. This typically results from a forceful blow to an extended finger or from forcefully bending a finger while it is extended. The condition is characterized by drooping or deformity in the fingertip, making it difficult to extend or straighten the finger fully.

Fortunately, non-surgical treatment options, such as immobilization with a splint or finger brace, are often effective in managing mallet fingers. However, the road to full recovery requires consistent care and rehabilitation exercises. Vivi Health's hand therapy experts have curated a set of hand exercises specifically designed to accelerate the healing process and help patients regain strength, flexibility, and dexterity in the affected finger.
Hand Exercises for Mallet Finger
The hand exercises for mallet fingers developed by Vivi Health are divided into different phases, based on the stage of healing. Each phase targets specific muscles, tendons, and joints to ensure a comprehensive and effective rehabilitation routine. These tailored exercises focus on progressively restoring finger mobility, enhancing grip strength, improving range of motion, and preventing stiffness and joint contracture.

Phase 1 exercises typically begin one week after the initial injury or when the healthcare professional advises initiation. These exercises primarily comprise gentle tendon gliding and range of motion movements to minimize scar tissue formation and maintain flexibility. Phase 2 exercises, introduced as healing progresses, involve more active joint motion, such as finger bend-and-straighten and coordinated thumb movements, to improve overall finger function.

In Phase 3, the exercises aim to promote muscle strengthening and stabilization. Throughout this phase, patients perform resistance exercises and gripping activities with the assistance of therapeutic tools like finger exercise balls, hand putty, and grip strengtheners. Advanced finger motions like finger tapping against resistance and finger stretches help regain control and strength in the injured finger.

Vivi Health further emphasizes the importance of adhering to rehabilitation protocols and regularly practicing the hand exercises provided. Consistency and proper technique are essential to optimize recovery and prevent complications. While supervised therapy sessions are recommended, patients can also continue these exercises at home under proper guidance from qualified healthcare professionals or certified hand therapists.

To supplement the hand exercises, Vivi Health offers a range of high-quality hand therapy products designed specifically for mallet finger recovery. These include FDA-approved finger splints and braces that provide essential support and immobilization to the injured digit. The company's hand therapy products are renowned for their durability, comfort, and exceptional patient outcomes.

"Our aim is to empower individuals affected by mallet fingers to regain control over their daily activities and tasks," said Mandy, CEO at Vivi Health. "These carefully tailored hand exercises, combined with our hand therapy products, enable individuals to proactively partake in their healing process and return to normalcy in the fastest and safest manner possible."

Vivi Health's new hand exercise program for mallet fingers is now available for patients, therapists, and healthcare professionals seeking a structured rehabilitation plan.

About Vivi Health
Vivi Health is a leading provider of innovative hand therapy solutions for various hand and upper extremity conditions. With a dedicated team of hand therapists, orthopedic specialists, and engineering professionals, the company is committed to developing advanced rehabilitation tools and techniques that optimize healing, enhance functionality, and improve the overall quality of life for those suffering from hand injuries or conditions.
September 25, 2023

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