Although compared to the gym, home fitness is incomparable in terms of the richness of equipment and the fitness atmosphere. It needs to test people's self-discipline and persistence to limits. If you can do these two points, you can go to See the text below.

12 kinds of practical home fitness equipment recommended


For most people, affected by various objective conditions such as the space in the home, it is impossible to arrange the home into a gym with abundant equipment, so I will share the 12 most commonly used household equipment, in order to abuse the whole body and similar equipment choose the best principle.


01丨Aerobic equipment

Home aerobic fitness equipment is generally treadmill, elliptical machine, fitness machine, rowing machine, 4-choice 1 or 4-choice 2, I personally prefer rowing machine, treadmill and elliptical machine are good, but according to Friends who bought treadmills around have observed (not necessarily accurate) that only two or three out of 10 people will insist on using them regularly. Hang idle fish out, or give it away. In fact, this phenomenon is not difficult to understand. Before buying it, it was mainly psychological. I felt that with a treadmill, I would definitely be able to develop a good figure. However, it was actually affected by the deserted atmosphere at home, and I didn’t have such an extreme desire for fitness. It's just a matter of time. In addition, if you run at home, there is still the possibility of disturbing the people. It is actually more fragrant to go out for a run. If there are elderly people in the family, you can consider buying one for them. I think the rowing machine is relatively practical, except for violent rowing to exercise the muscles of the upper and lower limbs, waist and abdomen, and back. You can also do abdominal suction. It is a relatively interesting and suitable device for all ages. The key is that compared with other devices, it does not take up much space.


02丨Yoga Mat

Strictly speaking, a yoga mat is not considered an equipment. At best, it is an auxiliary equipment, but it is an almost indispensable equipment for home fitness. For ground movements, various plank supports, etc., the yoga mat mainly plays the role of strong air permeability, effectively blocking the cold on the ground, and strong grip and anti-slip force, which is helpful to human skin and training safety.

12 kinds of practical home fitness equipment recommended

03丨Yoga ball

With a yoga mat, you can add a yoga ball. As a fitness equipment for core training, a yoga ball can help you practice your whole body. With a yoga mat, you can do a yoga ball to lift your hips and suck your stomach, and a yoga ball tablet. , yoga ball push-ups, yoga ball crunches, etc., you can also use yoga balls to do twists, squats, etc. The yoga ball movements seem simple, but many movements that need to control balance, without a certain core foundation are also very difficult to standardize.



Whether it is a gym or a home, dumbbells are undoubtedly one of the indispensable equipment. Compared with barbells, dumbbells have the advantage of being more space-saving, safer and more convenient, and dumbbells can be called all-rounder. Fitness equipment, waist, shoulders, back, chest, upper and lower limbs can be practiced almost without dead ends. Generally, the cost of a complete set of household dumbbell racks is not very high. With a dumbbell bench, it's almost perfect.


05丨 Kettlebell

Compared with dumbbells, kettlebells are not necessary, but you can also enter if you have conditions. Although squat, lunge, and stretch can be done with two types of equipment, some movements, such as kettlebells for waist and abdominal exercises, dumbbells It is still not a complete replacement. Dumbbells are better than kettlebells in the training of biceps and triceps, but kettlebells are easy to grasp and are more suitable for explosive-related training.


06丨Sit-up board

Most people buy a sit-up board to do sit-ups, but most people's sit-up posture is actually wrong, which once made the most primitive abdominal abuse movement coldly received, instead various rolls Abdominal exercise is very popular in various apps and gyms. In fact, it is not that you can't do sit-ups. As long as you master the essentials of posture, it is still one of the most effective exercises for abdominal muscles.

The correct sit-up position should be lying on your back with your knees tucked into about 90 degrees and your back close to the support surface. With the strength of the abdomen, the head and upper body slowly leave the support surface. The recovery process is also slow and do not completely return to lying flat. The best position is about 15 degrees between the body and the ground. Most people are wrong. The place is that the hands are behind the head during the process, which will cause great pressure on the neck and neck. The correct way is to put the hands on the side of the ears, or hold the chest with both hands.

In addition to sit-ups, the multi-functional supine board can also perform more actions. For example, the supine board equipped with a pull rope can also be used as a supine pull rope, and the one equipped with a spring can also be used for spring assist. Oblique and reverse abdominal crunches are all very good exercises to exercise the waist and abdomen.


07丨Abdominal Wheel

Among the home fitness equipment or street fitness people, the abdominal wheel is undoubtedly the most commonly used equipment and a symbol of strength. The abdominal wheel has a great test on the strength of the waist and abdomen. It is recommended for beginners to start practicing from the kneeling position. After a certain foundation, you can try to stand against the wall and then slowly get rid of the dependence of the wall. After you master the essentials and achieve a certain degree of control, you can challenge your feet together, lean your abdominal wheel from a high position, and even challenge more difficult poses. In the daily fitness process, I usually use 10 groups as a group, 4 groups each time as one of the abdominal abuse movements.


08丨Abdominal plate

The abdominal plate is basically used for home use. It is a device that has appeared in recent years but is still relatively small. The abdominal plate can basically complete most of the movements of the abdominal wheel, and at the same time, it can do more extensions. Overall, the difficulty factor is slightly larger than that of the abdominal wheel, but it is suitable for core muscles such as shoulders, abdomen, chest, and back. It has a better stimulating effect. In addition, the abdominal plate is generally used in combination actions. For example, the abdominal plate sucks the abdomen, raises the buttocks, and pushes up to exercise the abdomen, chest, shoulders and other parts at the same time. Compared with the abdominal wheel In other words, the key to the use of the abdominal plate is to control the stability of the four wheels!


09丨Resistance band

The resistance band is also called elastic band, which is very suitable for home use. According to the strength of the resistance band, it can be said that men and women take it all. To a certain extent, the resistance band can replace dumbbells for arm flexion and extension, and can also crunch the abdomen to train the legs and the shoulders, but most people buy resistance bands for a while, and there are probably not many people who insist on using them. One is the fixed elastic force of the resistance band. It’s not easy to adjust, and the use of body sensation is definitely not as good as gym equipment such as dumbbells and ropes, but after all, it is a home use.


10丨Foam roller

The foam roller, also known as the yoga column, is made of high-purity EVA material, which is light in weight and rich in cushioning elasticity, which can help practitioners complete various balance movements. Foam rollers not only stretch muscles and tendons, they also increase blood flow and soft tissue circulation. Especially after speed training and long-distance running, the stiff legs will be relieved to a great extent.

In addition to massage and loosening the muscles and bones, the foam roller can also use dumbbell benches, yoga mats, etc. to complete some abdominal suction or crunch movements. Girls can also use it for squatting. Home foam roller combination (yoga column, massage Sticks, press casters, fascia balls, yoga wheels, etc.) can almost relieve the fatigue of the whole body after completing the fitness movements.


11丨Push-up stand

In the early years, push-ups were the most commonly used movements for me to exercise my chest, and because of the irregular movements, wrist pain occurred later. Although I can do about 150 in one breath at most, but later I realized that if the wrist joint is larger than At 90 degrees, there is a risk of wrist injury, and using the push-up bracket can protect the wrist well, and using the push-up bracket, the body can go deeper, the range of motion is larger, the stretching effect is better, and the stability is also improved. Well, many street gymnasts even use the push-up stand to do the Russian jerk. Of course, if it is only for push-ups, sometimes dumbbells can be used instead.

push-up stand

12丨Pull-up device

Generally speaking, if there are single parallel bars in the community, I do not recommend that you configure a pull-up device at home. At present, the most popular type of horizontal bar pull-up device on the wall without punching is fixed on the wall or door frame by the extrusion of the adjusting screw. This horizontal bar is actually not safe, and there are many accidents. There is still a risk of damage to walls or door frames if used incorrectly. The other simple version of the single parallel bar pull-up device reduces the floor space of the base, but it still takes up some space at home. If there is a villa at home, just buy a commercial gym.


The above should be the most practical of the current home fitness equipment. In addition, there are some traditional equipment such as arm bars, tensioners, etc., which are basically left out. Although the arm bars have been introduced hydraulically, they have largely solved the safety problem. However, from the perspective of the application scene of the equipment itself, it is not the best choice. Tensile devices also have great potential safety hazards. To be honest, the concept of stepping machines and waist-twisting machines is greater than reality. It is not recommended to buy standing space!

12 kinds of practical home fitness equipment recommended



The choice of home fitness equipment must be based on the purpose and location of exercise, taking into account factors such as safety factors, living environment, economic conditions, etc., not blindly, not greedy, not pursuing form, fully combined with the premise of outdoor fitness equipment. Home fitness is freer!


August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary

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