The rope face pulling is a warm and moving movement, but few people touch it. Many friends don’t know its benefits. I often use this movement in the process of shoulder training, and its effect is really powerful. Let's talk about this action, mainly about 5 training skills, master it, it will make your shoulder training effect to a higher level!

The exercise effect of rope face pulling

Exercise 1: It can strengthen the middle and lower part of the trapezius muscle

In the action of contact training, only the rope pull can stimulate the middle and lower part of the trapezius very well, which will make our back muscles look more three-dimensional, and at the same time avoid some posture problems in the body, better Improve the hunchback or neck forward to make the body more upright.


face pull

Exercise 2: Improve the shoulders

This action helps trainers build shoulder abduction. If there is a rounded shoulder or slight pain in the shoulder, doing this action can well avoid this situation and make your shoulders healthier.

How to do a rope face pull?

Training tip 1 - reduce compensatory forearm forces

face pull

Many fitness friends leave a message saying that they will feel sore when they pull the forearm on the rope face. The reason for this is that the wrist is offset from the neutral position, which increases the force of the forearm and causes the forearm to fatigue in advance. Without noticing the position, the forearm soreness is stronger during long workouts, so to avoid this, keep the wrist in a neutral position.

Training Tip 2 - Balance Your Body

face pull

Stabilizing the body is very important in the rope pull exercise. It can better focus the trainer's attention and reduce physical exertion. Therefore, during the exercise, make sure to stand with your feet separated from the front and back, but the distance Be moderate, not too wide.

Training Tip 3 - Keep the cervical spine in a neutral position

Some people will feel stiff or sore in their neck after doing the rope facelift. This is because during the exercise, the face actively touches the rope, causing the cervical vertebrae to bend and shift from the neutral position, so I am doing this. When doing this, keep your head steady and your cervical spine in a neutral position.

face pull

Training Tip 4 - Keeping Elbows and Shoulders Parallel When Pulling Back

The rope face pull is a shoulder abduction action. If we move the elbow forward during exercise, it will reduce the stimulation of the back bundle of the shoulder, and the stimulation effect will not be achieved. Therefore, when pulling the rope back, we should Make sure the straight line of the elbow joint is parallel to the shoulder or ensure that the elbow and the back are in the same plane.

face pull

Training Tip 5 - Ensure that the shoulder sinks and stabilizes

Due to the effect of weight, the shoulders will be shrugged, which will lead to excessive participation of the back trapezius muscles, and the stimulation of the shoulders will be weakened, which will affect the effect. Therefore, during the exercise, keep the shoulder blades contracted and lowered. Shen, to ensure the stability of the shoulders.

Experience the standard movements of a rope face pull

face pull

▪ Adjust the height of the pulley to the eye, and choose the appropriate weight, the weight range is between 12RM-15RM.

▪ Stand with your body in a standing position, hold both ends of the rope with both hands, keep your back straight, feet together or a proper distance apart, lean forward or backward, and keep your body stable.

▪ Tighten your core, stretch your shoulders out, and pull your arms to pull the cord toward your face.

▪ When pulling to the lowest end, hold the motion for a few seconds, keeping the upper arm parallel to the ground, and contract the muscles to the maximum range

▪ Then slowly lower the weight, straighten your arms, and repeat.

▪ The recommended training intensity is 4-6 sets of 8-10 reps each.

​Through the above exercises, you should be familiar with this movement. If you are not convenient to go to the gym, you can learn about the product below. I hope that you can master the above training skills during exercise, so that your shoulder training effect will be more obvious.

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August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary

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