Huh? Grip strength will affect the length of life! Research shows that people with weak muscle strength usually don't live longer and healthier than their peers. How do you know if you have enough muscle? Measure your grip strength. If your grip strength is very poor, use these 6 actions to effectively enhance your grip strength and body muscle mass!

6 action to strengthen grip strength, healthy and long life!

How to measure grip strength?

Many kinds of grip strength testers can be found on the Internet. There are many forms: pointer type, electronic type, etc. the measurement methods are similar. If you plan to buy one and try it at home, provide you with the steps:

Prepare for the action, open your feet naturally, keep your body line straight, and your arms droop naturally. The palm of one hand rests on the end of the grip, and put your fingers on the handle.

When you are ready, try your best to pull your hand closer to the end of the grip. The value obtained is your grip strength!

Tip: you can't press repeatedly or for too long at a time!

Many kinds of grip strength testers can be found on the Internet in many forms: pointer type, electronic type, etc

If you don't plan to buy it yourself, you can ask whether the gym and rehabilitation clinic have measurement services!

Why is grip strength important?

With the increase of age and the decrease of exercise, the amount of muscle will also be lost, so it is more prone to myopenia, resulting in limb weakness, falls, slow movement, etc. the research of the University of Michigan points out that grip strength is an important index to predict physical health and life expectancy. It is also found that grip strength is inversely proportional to the restriction of activity, that is, grip strength is strong, High activity; The grip strength is weak and the activity strength becomes low. Therefore, testing the grip strength can help us prevent the problem of insufficient muscle mass in advance; In addition, the muscles should be well trained and the posture should be good. Whether you are doing bench press or bending lift, you actually need the help of hand muscles. If the action is right, the training will be more effective; Finally, palm and wrist activities are necessary in daily life, such as opening the door, twisting the bottle cap, turning the steering wheel, pulling the bus pull ring, etc., so do you think the heavy grip is not important?

Grip strength training is necessary, but we often ignore it. At the beginning, we can exercise in three directions.

3 key points of grip strength training

1. Tension

When we use the palm of our hand, we mostly hold and take things, so "tension" may not be commonly used, but it is also the key to training grip strength! When will Zhang be used? When it is necessary to open the palm and maintain the finger gap, such as playing the piano, crossing the keys, controlling the ball when playing basketball, etc.

2. Pinch

Holding something tightly with the strength of your fingers is called "pinching". For example, holding the bar to make a farmer walk... This action is a very important part of the strength of your thumb, so it will be one of the key actions in training.

3. Grip

In addition to fingers, the action of "holding" also requires the strength of the whole palm. It is also the most commonly used hand action in daily activities and fitness.

Although training grip strength will not directly prolong your life, increasing grip strength, whether doing pull-up or lifting dumbbells, will help to improve sports performance and make the muscle increasing effect better. It is also an indirect way to live a long and healthy life!

Grip strength training

1. Tension

[rubber band tension]


Use several ordinary or a wide rubber band to cover the finger section 2.

Make use of the strength of your hand, hold the rubber band as large as possible, pause for 1 ~ 2 seconds, then slowly close your fingers and repeat the action.



Hold the grip with one hand and gently buckle your thumb in front.

Use the strength of the hand to force, close the grip, try to get close to the handle, pause, play back slowly and repeat the action.

2. Pinch

[grab bar]


Select the bar with appropriate weight, hold the bar with one hand by using the part of your fingers for 6 ~ 12 seconds, and then change hands.

Tip: note that instead of "holding" with the palm of your hand, you use the part of your finger to "pinch", so it is recommended to choose a solid bar.

[pole farmer walking]


Hold the bar with both hands in the above way, keep the body line, don't bend down and hunch, put the line of sight in front, exert force with the core and hand steps, walk forward for 3 ~ 5 meters, put down the bar, have a rest, and then repeat the action.

3. Grasp

[towel barbell rowing]


Insert the barbell into the mine tube, put the bar piece suitable for your own weight, and then cover the barbell with a towel (close to the bar piece), spread your feet about the same width as your shoulder, cross the barbell, and grasp both ends of the towel with both hands (close to the barbell as far as possible).

The starting position is to lean forward slightly, bend your knees slightly, lift the barbell slightly so that your hands can hang naturally, inhale and prepare, hold the towel hard when exhaling, let the barbell close to your body, pause, return to the starting position and repeat the action.

[towel pull up]


Hang two towels on solid beams and columns respectively, and ensure that towels and hanging objects will not slide or move.

The starting position is to hold the towel tightly with both hands, cross the soles of both feet, hang the body naturally, but do not bend down.

Grasp the towel with your hand, bring your body up, try to make the included angle of your arm less than 90 degrees, pause, and then slowly return to the starting position and repeat the action.

Training grip strength is not only beneficial to the palm, but also to the arm muscles!

Arm muscles are also used to practice grip strength

Grip strength not only depends on the palm and fingers, but also the amount of muscle in the forearm! Brachioradialis, extensor digitorum, extensor carpi longus radialis and other forearm muscles have a high degree of participation in grasping. Try to make a fist hard and relax. The front of the arm will feel tight. In training, different forearm muscles will be recruited by changing the angle of action!

Grip strength is not only an indicator of health, but also affects sports performance. Don't ignore it! Now add these six actions to your fitness menu!


August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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