Under normal circumstances, the resistance band can be trained to raise the hips. You can step on the middle of the Resistance band with your feet, hold both ends with both hands and then turn to your back, and then do the squatting posture. The upper body should keep leaning forward slightly, or set the Resistance band in a position. After lying flat, fix one end of the Resistance band with your left foot, then extend the joint downward, and then change your foot to repeat the action.

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A resistance band can raise your hips

The resistance band is a kind of common fitness equipment. Its appearance is simple and its use method is relatively simple. Generally speaking, a resistance band can raise hips. First, open your feet and step on the resistance band. Hold both ends of the resistance band with both hands and put it on your shoulder. Your upper body should lean forward slightly. It is mainly in the squatting position. Stand up straight after standing still for a few seconds.

You can also fix the Resistance band in one position. People should be in the lying down position, fix one foot with the ankle buckle on the Resistance band, keep the legs straight, and stretch the hip joint downward when exhaling, so as to stimulate the muscles of the left hip, and return to the original position when inhaling.

Or fix the Resistance band on the left foot, kneel the right foot on the ground, keep the bending angle at about 90 degrees, fix the left leg in the middle of the Resistance band, hold both ends of the resistance band with both hands and press it on the ground, then stretch the left foot backward, inhale when restoring, and change legs for about 10 times to repeat the action.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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