Yes!Agility ladder has remarkable sports effects on training the agility of both feet and improving the ability of rapid movement. Common athletes train independently, but it is actually suitable for the whole age group to increase foot strength and coordination.

Muscle strength training and aerobic exercise are very important, but agility and coordination cannot be lacking. Rope ladder training is the best helper for training agility.

What is agility ladder?

Agility ladder is a kind of ladder rope used to train athletes' steps. It is also an auxiliary tool often used by good marathoners for training. It is often used as a warm-up before running. For you who love fitness training, you must not miss agility ladder training. It can not only train leg muscles, but also improve the speed, agility, balance and coordination of your feet, and improve your cardiopulmonary function.

Adding agility ladder training to the daily exercise plan can not only improve the running speed, but also quickly burn calories, start muscle endurance, enhance joint flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. And there is a big point is that you can practice agility ladders wherever you want! The agility ladder is light and easy to store. You can train as long as you take it to an open and safe place, park, campus playground or home yard.

Farewell to the heavy step! 5 agility ladder training to improve agility

Agility ladder training is a lot of yuan, and many people can play and compete together! Now list 5 basic and common agility ladder exercises to strengthen your legs and reaction.

The following training parts: lower body training, mainly training speed, explosiveness, agility and coordination.

Small steps forward


(1) In the standing position, first stand outside the grid, with both feet about the same width as the hip, and squat slightly

(2) Then step forward into the grid with left foot, right foot or right foot and left foot, and move forward quickly.

(3) After reaching the destination, turn back to the starting position.

Objective: to cultivate the sense of rhythm and increase the muscle strength of ankle and calf

Lateral slide


(1) In the standing position, first stand on one side of the grid, feet about shoulder width, and squat slightly

(2) Then the feet alternately enter the grid from the side, repeat the action, and move forward quickly, keeping the front soles on the ground

(3) After passing the end point, turn back to the starting position.

Objective: to improve foot frequency and speed

Front and back


(1) Adopt the standing posture, first step the left foot into the grid, the other right foot behind (outside the grid), and the right foot follows

(2) Then exit in the order of left and right feet, enter the next grid, then repeat the action and move forward quickly.

(3) After reaching the destination, turn back to the starting position.

Objective: to develop foot control and body balance

In and out


(1) One foot first, then one foot follow-up, and then one foot first out and the other foot again out.

(2) Then repeat the movement and move forward quickly to keep the feet light and smooth

(3) After completing the action, turn back to the starting position.

Objective: to develop gait frequency and sense of rhythm

Outside and inside


(1) Keep standing and lean slightly

(2) The feet enter from one side of the agility ladder, the feet enter the square from left to right, and then step out of the square in turn. The same is true in the opposite direction

(3) After reaching the destination, turn back to the starting position

Objective: to cultivate the gait frequency in different directions

Before running training, you can warm up with these small actions. Just complete 2-3 groups. Of course, there will be more and more complex movements in separate speed training.

Advantages and characteristics of agility ladder

In addition to the advantages of agility ladder training mentioned just now, it can improve speed, agility, coordination and leg muscle strength. The characteristics of agility ladder are easy to carry and easy to store, so that you can train everywhere! Moreover, the training methods are diverse and vary greatly. You can decide to enhance or reduce the difficulty of exercise according to your personal preference or physical condition, and freely combine patterns.

Do you find the fitness program and running a little boring? Exercise meets a burnout period. It's time to add some changes! You might as well try agility ladder training. You can also pull your relatives and friends to compete together and see who runs the fastest in groups, so as to increase the fun of exercise and make you more enthusiastic about sports!

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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