People who like to sweat in the gym must be familiar with the equipment there. Trainers who often do aerobic exercise should also be familiar with medicine balls. Medicine ball is often used in aerobic training. With its help, we can do a wide variety of exercises and have strong interest. Today, let's take a look at the exercises of medicine ball aerobic training. If you also want to use medicine ball for exercise, you might as well try to learn.

Effective medicine ball aerobic training

Action 1: squat down and throw high

There are many weights of medicine balls. For the sake of safety, first of all, we should choose medicine balls suitable for ourselves, especially squatting and throwing. It is recommended to choose medicine balls with small weight. At the beginning, we should keep our standing posture, with our feet the same width as our shoulders, and then squat down first, then hold the ball and lift it to our chest, and then throw our hands forward at a 45 ° angle, which can be thrown to a wall, which is conducive to us to catch the ball, then continue squatting and throw the ball up for exercise.

Action 2: smash the ball to the ground

Different from squatting and throwing high, hitting the ball on the ground is simpler. First, we also need to squat first, then pick up the ball and stand up, then hold the ball with both hands up to the back of the head, and then smash the ball towards the ground, which can well exercise our core strength. When smashing the ball to the ground, you should choose a larger sports ground and be careful not to hit the people around you. Each group can do five exercises five times a day.

Action 3: Russian twist

We can also do Russian rotations with the help of medicine balls. First of all, the standard Russian rotation is to keep our hands parallel to the ground after we get up. In order to make the training effect better, we can use medicine balls. Holding the ball with both hands for Russian rotation is also a good aerobic training method. Adhering to 20 minutes a day can effectively reduce fat and make our body shape better.


August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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