Some of the trainers in the gymnasium will try to do big weight bearing exercises, so as to achieve the purpose of improving muscle strength. After the end of the exercise, they should relax the over stressed muscles. At this time, the auxiliary equipment of the foam roller is becoming more and more important. Even if we do not have high intensity training at ordinary times, we can use the foam roller to release the fascia, which has good health care effect. Today, let's take a look at how much cm the foam roller fits.

Yoga Foam Roller

What is the foam roller drum?

For people who regularly exercise, they are familiar with foam axes, or those who love yoga. They must know the Yoga column very well. In fact, another name for the foam roller is called the Yoga column, often assisting yoga practice. In this way, we probably know that the foam roller can help us relax muscles, stretch the fascia, enhance muscle strength and improve body flexibility. It is a good health product. People without fitness experience can also use it.

How many centimeters of foam roller is suitable?

Many trainers are obsessed with the size of the foam foam. In fact, the choice of the foam foam is closely related to what we want to achieve. Because the foam foam is made of highly lightweight EVA material with high weight, it is easy to carry a short foam roller. If you choose a longer one, it is easy to operate. Specifically, what do we want to do with foam foam? If you relax your back, it will naturally be longer than the width of our body.

Matters needing attention in foam roller

For those who first contact with the foam roller, they are more suitable for selecting a larger diameter, so that the soaking of soft tissue is limited. After a period of time, they can be adapted to replace the smaller diameter. If we use the foam roller to press, some people will feel more and more pain. Then, we should stop immediately and ask the doctor's advice before exercising. If you want to relax and have an effect, press each part for one to two minutes.

August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast

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