Fitness is becoming more and more popular, but I haven't been to the gym a few times. If you decorate your home as a small gym, you can practice anytime, anywhere as long as you want to keep fit without being affected by time, environment and place! Do you want to hold it?

How to build a home gym?

Many people think that the home gym is also synonymous with "high-end". The home gym is not that the more fitness equipment, the better. If conditions permit, we can prepare more, but it's not necessary. Now, what can we prepare for ordinary families?

Independent fitness space

If you want to exercise at home, the first consideration is not fitness equipment, but space. A comfortable, quiet and non-interference fitness space can be large or small. If conditions permit, you can open up a room as a gym, and most people will exercise in the living room or balcony. As long as you feel that there is enough space for you to stretch out, it is OK.

How to build a home gym?

Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is the basic equipment for fitness. It can be used as a partition of the fitness area to find some cushioning and support for your movements. It also has some sound insulation. Yoga mat is required for belly curling, flat support, push ups and other cushion movements.

FitBeast yoga mat

Resistance band

Resistance band is an auxiliary tool for anti resistance training. Chest clamping, rowing, squatting and other actions can be completed through elastic rope. Resistance band has many types, ranging from thick to thin and wide, which can stimulate muscles. Elastic band is also easy to carry. It can be carried on travel and business trip without occupying any place.

Resistance Bands/Tube

A good pair of dumbbells

Dumbbells are mainly used to exercise biceps, shoulders, back, etc. those who have just started fitness do not need to prepare one set at a time. They can practice from a small weight, and then add other weights according to the training needs. It is best to choose dumbbells of good quality for the first time.

A good weight benche

In order to better cooperate with dumbbell movement, a weight benche can be configured. The weight benche with good stability should directly affect the fitness state.

Squat rack

If you have reached a certain level of fitness, you can consider starting a squat rack, on the premise that you have enough space without affecting the neighbors upstairs and downstairs. The squat rackcan do heavy movements and exercise stronger muscles.

Aerobic device

If you need to lose fat or keep fit, you should often do some aerobic exercise. Treadmill, elliptical machine and sports bike are the three major aerobic fitness equipment, which can be selected according to your preferences and the characteristics of family members. If you have problems with your knees, you can choose a softer elliptical machine. If you want to have good fat burning effect, you can choose sports bike, but the fat burning effect is not absolute, Finally, it depends on your training intensity.

The above are the common fitness equipment in the home gym, as well as other practical fitness equipment that do not occupy a place, such as push up support, belly wheel, etc. they are reasonably configured according to their own needs. The most suitable scheme is "one big n small", that is, a main fitness equipment is equipped with a variety of simple equipment, which is also convenient to arrange the exercise rhythm. With the home gym, You can spend your fitness time freely and devote yourself to exercise anytime, anywhere. Are you excited?


August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast
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