1. About the pounds of the resistance band

The resistance of the resistance band is usually marked in pounds or kg, and 1 pound is about 0.45kg. In the process of fitness, the use of resistance bands mainly uses the resistance of the resistance bands to increase a certain exercise load for our movements, which is the same as that of dumbbells, barbells and other equipment that we usually use.

Here is an example of the 4.5mm thick and 1.5cm wide resistance band I usually use. In normal use, its resistance is about 15 pounds, which is 6.75kg. This weight is enough to meet the usual training needs of beginners. , Especially for resistance training of shoulders, waist, abdomen and other parts, basically the same training effect as 7kg dumbbells can be achieved.

resistance band


And the resistance band can also increase a certain resistance after being folded. For example, this resistance band can provide 30 pounds of resistance after folding, that is, a weight of 13.5kg, which can be used for most advanced strength training. 

Take the 4.5mm thick and 2.1cm wide elastic band I used before as an example. Its initial resistance has reached 20 pounds, which is 9kg. After folding, it can reach 40 pounds, which is a large resistance of nearly 18kg. It is really suitable for training the large muscle groups of legs, chest and arms!

The two resistance bands used here are just for beginners. Fortunately, there are also resistance bands with a width of 3.2cm, 4.5cm, 6.4cm, etc. The conventional resistance can be higher. Of course, this is more suitable for advanced and professional fitness. For enthusiasts to use, beginners should choose these widths carefully.

The pound rule

In addition, for the selection of pounds of elastic bands, you can follow a very simple rule of pounds:

That is to convert the weight of the dumbbells you are currently using into pounds, and then choose an elastic band of this pound number.

For example, the weight of the dumbbells you usually use is about 5kg, and the weight for training with it is just right, then it is definitely right to choose about 11 pounds when choosing an elastic band.

resistance band

In addition, if you want to choose a resistance band for auxiliary training of pull-ups, then the choice of resistance of the resistance band is best based on one-third or one-quarter of your body weight, and try to ensure that the number of pull-ups is 10. times or so.

August 02, 2022 — FitBeastZachary

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