In addition to being busy for work, modern people pay more and more attention to physical health. Exercise has become a part of more and more people's life. When exercising at home, the essential nature is a yoga mat. Many people tend to pay attention to the price, size, thickness and appearance, but they will ignore or feel confused about the material. Let's share common yoga mat materials and how to choose them.

How to choose the material of yoga mat?

1. EVA foaming

EVA is a hard foam material with low price, but it has a heavy smell and poor quality when used on cushions. It is not recommended to choose. This material is mostly used in shoe materials.

2. PVC

PVC, namely polyvinyl chloride, is a widely used plastic with good elasticity but high hardness. It should be foamed when used in yoga mats. However, after foaming, the tear resistance of PVC will be very poor. Even if the "tear resistance net" is added to strengthen the tear resistance, its rebound effect is also very poor. It takes four or five seconds to restore a pit.

3. TPE

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, which has good anti-skid effect and resilience. Therefore, when making yoga mats, the foaming degree is generally low, and the amount of filler is also less, so it tastes less, and is more healthy and environmentally friendly. The yoga mat made of TPE material also has good durability, moderate price and high cost performance.

4. Rubber

The anti-skid and durability of rubber materials are very good, but the taste is very heavy and does not absorb water. The anti-skid effect decreases after sweating hands and feet, and the price is also more expensive

5. Pu rubber

Pu is polyurethane. It absorbs water, breathes air and feels good. When used on a yoga mat, it will be covered on a rubber substrate. However, the disadvantage of Pu is that it is difficult to take care of oil and dust absorption, and it will have rubber taste. The price is also very expensive among several materials. You can go to more than 10 times of TPE yoga mat.

Based on the above contents, it is more appropriate for the general non professional public to choose TPE material for yoga mat. The performance of TPE is quite good in all aspects, and the price is mostly about 100 yuan, which is cost-effective. Most of the fitness rooms in China use TPE yoga mats. I hope the above content can help you when choosing the material of yoga mat.


August 02, 2022 — Zachary FitBeast
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