The exercise ball in the gym is also called yoga exercise ball . It is used in muscle strength training , core fitness , rehabilitation , and sensory integration training . How to choose the size? This article teaches you how to choose a exercise ball, core training, muscle strength exercises, and you can do it yourself at home!

○ Exercise ball is easy to use for muscle relaxation and core fitness

When it comes to the benefits of exercise balls to modern people, its good elasticity can make people's lumbar spine relax , so as to achieve the effect of stretching and rehabilitation, such as office workers who often sit in the office for a long time, especially need it! A good exercise ball can not only reduce back pain for office workers, but also increase the consumption of fat, thereby improving the bad posture of daily accumulation.

○ Movement principle and application of exercise ball

Exercise ball is one of the most popular sports in recent years. It belongs to a kind of core stability training and is widely used in physical therapy rehabilitation and sports fitness training. The exercise ball originated from neurotherapy in physical therapy. Later, due to the concept of the natural posture of the spine and the concept of core stability, the exercise ball began to be used in injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as physical fitness and competitive sports training.

○ Exercise ball exercise can increase spinal stability to prevent sports injuries

Speaking of exercise balls, in fact, it has a long history abroad. It is not only used for fitness, but its first appearance is used in rehabilitation and correction. It uses the principle that elastic round balls are not easy to control, and applies it to spine physical therapy, especially for people with injuries to the waist and lower back . In recent years, studies have confirmed that exercise ball exercise can increase the stability of the spine, prevent sports injuries, and also have positive benefits for chronic low back pain .

After hitting the ball, because the ball is easy to roll, when the body is in an unstable state, it is necessary to try to control it. In order to achieve balance, the muscles must be relaxed, which can relieve nerves and relieve tension. People with shoulder injuries are also very suitable for using a mild exercise ball to correct their posture, and even promote brain stimulation for children. In the United States, elementary schools directly use exercise balls as chairs. Sitting on it is not only to learn how to balance abdominal muscles , In addition to exercising the abdominal muscles, it can also explore the ability of human beings to control muscle movements and stimulate the brain .

exercise ball


◎The elasticity and arc of the exercise ball, multi-action coordination, improve muscle endurance and muscle line

The exercise ball has been carried forward in rehabilitation and correction in this way, and then it was discovered that the elasticity and arc of the exercise ball itself can create many different movements, which can not only train muscle endurance and muscle lines , like using it in the push-up that you are most familiar with. , sit-ups, etc., with the help of exercise balls, it is not only not so dull, but also greatly helps the body's flexibility, coordination and balance.

Exercise ball is a kind of home-based exercise. Although it is not limited by the field like dumbbells, it can be done at home as long as there is a space where you can lie down and the floor is not slippery, and it is a whole-body exercise. , There are absolutely no less parts of the body that should be trained. As for the sports injuries that everyone is worried about, unless you accidentally fall down due to slipping, the exercise ball movement is very gentle, and there is no chance of injury due to wrong application of force. Therefore, people who want to play exercise balls must not do it on smooth tiles. You can lean against the wall or lay a large towel or carpet. Anti-skid is the first priority to protect yourself from being injured by exercise balls.

You can exercise different muscles according to different fitness needs, and you can complete it with a single ball, without constantly changing equipment for training. Whether it is simple muscle stretching or advanced muscle training, the purpose of physical exercise can be achieved with the assistance of exercise balls.

◎Use the fitness ball for core muscle group training, which can increase the training intensity of the core muscle group itself

Like general fitness, exercise balls have to rely on the repetition and design combination of various exercises to strengthen the parts of the body that you want to move. You can also use elastic ropes , dumbbells or medicine balls to move together, the movement will be wider and the effect will be better more obvious. In the traditional strength training movements of non-core muscle groups, the use of exercise balls can increase the training effect of the muscle groups responsible for stabilizing and supporting the body weight and enhance the training intensity; while the traditional strength training of core muscle groups, combined with the use of exercise balls, You can increase the training intensity of the core muscle group itself.

stability ball exercises for beginners


○How to choose the size of the exercise ball?

1. Choose the size of the exercise ball that fits your body

It is recommended to sit on the ball with the hips and knees at about 90 degrees

Height 150cm - 165cm : It is recommended to choose a exercise ball with a diameter of 55cm

Height 165cm - 185cm : It is recommended to choose a exercise ball with a diameter of 65cm

How to choose the size of the exercise ball

How to choose the size of the exercise ball

2. Choose a exercise ball that can bear your own weight

When we perform a series of training actions on the exercise ball, we will generate a counterforce with the exercise ball, which makes us relax and sink on the exercise ball, the body will automatically generate upward force to balance, general resistance The ball can hold the weight of most people, even if we do any sports on a exercise ball it is safe.

3. Choose the exercise ball of explosion-proof material

The exercise ball made of explosion-proof material will have a soft sponge-like feel on the surface, and at the same time, it has the pressure resistance, flexibility and high elasticity of a tire. Considering the safety aspect, it is recommended that everyone choose explosion-proof material as the main material. exercise ball.

Fourth, choose a exercise ball with a pump

It is recommended that before purchasing a exercise ball, you can confirm whether it comes with a pump, so that you do not need to buy it! In addition, here is also reminding everyone to hit "eighth full" as the most appropriate level when helping the exercise ball. A exercise ball that is too full is too elastic to use, which is not only inconvenient for practice, but also may cause physical injury. Ball too big? How to tell? let go ...

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○ Sports recommendation for exercise ball

◎ Core basic exercise at home

Exercise ball rolls forward

best exercise ball for heavy person

Stick on ball

exercise using ball

Crunches on the ball

ball exercises for back pain

Bird dog on ball

exercise ball

Lower back stretch

ball exercises for core

Swivel on the ball

ball exercises for seniors

Clamp the ball and raise the leg

big ball exercises

Dead bug

yoga ball

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